Weekend Round-Up

Posted by: Emily

Happy Weekend, All! As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE weekends– who doesn’t? So to add to your weekend joy, especially those of us East-Coasters who are being bombarded with news of the “storm of the century” coming up, here are a few Product Junkie delights.

1. Like you, I often learn about new products from this site. For example, reading Jordan’s recent post about Eminence Organics Tinted Moisturizer was my introduction to this product. Sometimes, Jordan and I discuss products in person before we post on the site, but with our busy lives and motherhood duties, we often use the blog as a way to share our new product obsessions with each other, while sharing them with you!

So I was pretty excited to learn about Eminence’s tinted moisturizer, since I need a new one myself, but was dismayed when I investigated the price. Eminence has every right to be expensive– their products are top-notch– but I wanted to try this out myself before dropping around 50 bucks on a new moisturizer. Specifically, I wanted to know what color would work best for me. (Some of you wrote in to say the same.)


So I did some Googling (sorry Bing, I’m a Google person) and discovered Natural Beauty Group, where one can buy samples of Eminence products! The samples are also a little expensive at around $3.50 a pop, but compared to a $50 purchase that doesn’t work for your skintone, I’m going to call this a bargain. 

I was a little miffed that for 2 samples, I had to pay shipping costs that were more than the total of my product, so I emailed customer service. They are wonderful! They told me that if I became a “preferred customer” the shipping would be $5.95 instead of $8.95. Becoming a preferred customer is free– just signing up on their site, so I did, and got slightly cheaper shipping. There are also bonus points and all such deals on the site, which somehow lead to me getting another $2 off somehow (not totally sure how it all works, but it’s good!) and then I somehow also got an offer to receive a free FULL-SIZED EMINENCE PRODUCT with my order, to be selected by their customer service people!

When my samples arrived today, I was delighted to see that I did, indeed, receive a free, full-sized Shea Butter and Mint Moisture Balm, retail value $18. Totally worth the $6 in shipping!! I will let you know how I like it when I try it out!


If you decide to order from this site, tell them in the order comments that “Emily from Product Junkies Rehab” sent you, and you’ll get extra beauty points (or something… just do it, I don’t completely understand the system, but hey, it’s free!). And check out their current specials. (I am not affiliated with this site– just found it through Google!)



2. Here’s a great link about making your own perfume! It also talks about why conventional perfumes are not very healthy for you, and what to look out for! I’ve been trying my hand at making my own scents lately, using cheap vodka and expensive essential oils– a nice high-low mix. Learn and enjoy! 



3. For those of you in California, or those who know someone in California, please learn about and vote YES on Prop 37 (labeling of GMO in food)! Also learn about it here, courtesy of EWG. Spread the word, and sign the voting pledge here. 

And, please, while we’re at it, just GET OUT AND VOTE in general this election! Exercise your right. Be heard! 


Enjoy the weekend, Product Junkies. Stay safe from the storm if you’re in its path, and, as always, tell us what products you’re loving in the comments below!



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2 responses to “Weekend Round-Up

  1. I also found this site doing a Google search but haven’t yet ordered samples so thanks for the tips!

  2. Looks like a a great product! The only thing that bothers me is the “key ingredients” on both websites. From looking at other sites, the ingredients list looks pretty good, but it irks me that they make you go search for it. Transparency is so important for natural companies.

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