Happy Shopping Holiday (and, oh yeah, Thanksgiving, too!)

Posted by: Emily

I have been so excited about seeing my family at Thanksgiving that I forgot that the biggest shopping holiday of the year is fast approaching, too! Gone are the days, for me, of actually going to a physical store on Black Friday (a toddler and traveling make this impossible, not to mention the crowds!) so I rely heavily on Cyber Monday deals to take advantage of this annual retail insanity.

This year, we want to introduce you to a new brand, which became one of our VERY favorite brands as soon as we tested it out. It’s called Nourish, and it’s USDA Certified Organic, Oregon Tilth certified, Gluten free, Vegan, CCIC Cruelty-free, packaging is made with at least 25% post-consumer recycled content, and everything is recyclable. Um, are you hooked yet? How about this: IT’S AFFORDABLE!!

And if it weren’t already incredibly reasonably priced, it is getting better starting now: Their website is doing “Green” Friday and Cyber Monday discounts! Here are the deals:

‘GREEN’ Friday: 25% off and free shipping using promo code “GREEN” at check out on www.NourishUSDA.com

Cyber Monday: 50% off all Nourish Products using promo core “CYBER” at check out on www.NourishUSDA.com

(*tip from PJR: Um, wait till Monday, folks!)

Jordan and I have been using and loving these products for months now. Nourish sent us 4 to try and we’ve been raving about them to each other and to our husbands (and to anyone who will listen!).

Here are the ones we’ve tried and loved:

Organic Body Butter in Fresh Fig I am addicted. Best body butter I’ve tried in ages, hands down. It is the first one that has made me not miss The Body Shop’s body butters of my past. In fact, it’s better than The Body Shop’s butters. Seriously amazing, and inexpensive for something this organic and this awesome. BUY IT NOW. Buy 3– they have deals when you order more than one product on line, plus see above codes for ADDITIONAL discounts. You can’t go wrong.

*note: the Wild Berries and Fresh Fig scents are very strong. Might want to start with unscented or Lavender Mint if you’re sensitive. All the scents are good, some just stronger and sweeter than others.

Organic Body Lotion in Wild Berries: Seriously amazing, luxurious, but the scent is very sticky-sweet. Lotion is fantastic, though. See above note and try it in a scent you think you might like, or start with unscented.

*these products are available at Whole Foods if you want to test the scents. Isn’t that awesome?! 

Organic Hand Wash in Almond Vanilla: I love this. What’s not to love? It’s organic, it’s gentle, it’s effective. It’s soap. It smells wonderful. It makes you clean. It’s cold and flu season– buy some soap!

Organic Deodorant in Lavender Mint: This is the only Nourish product I didn’t obsessively love. But it’s not Nourish’s fault– you all know I have a complicated relationship with Natural Deodorants. Sigh. But I LOVE this scent, and Jordan LOVES this deodorant, and since she’s the expert, I’d say that’s good for the 90% of you who don’t share my irritation issues with natural deodorants.

So go forth and shop! Enjoy. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by love and food and friends.



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6 responses to “Happy Shopping Holiday (and, oh yeah, Thanksgiving, too!)

  1. Stephanie

    Great post- I’m so glad you tried and liked this brand and recommend it to your readers! I love this brand- the products are fantastic, USDA certified organic, incredibly affordable and the packaging is pretty, too! I agree that the body butter and body lotions are the best of the line (and of any brand!). I also recently tried the body scrub on my face and body and loved it. I was skeptical at first since it’s made of rice and corn grits but it’s very gentle and moisturizing and does a great job of exfoliating. I agree that the deodorant is good but not great. I think it works well for 6-8 hours on a cool day with no exercise, but that’s about it. I still prefer Bubble and Bee cream deo, which works the best of any organic/natural deo I have ever tried.

  2. Stephanie

    Also, I think the hand soap is the first certified organic hand soap I’ve tried that feels like a pearlized Softsoap instead of a gel or liquid Castile soap (which I also like, but it’s nice to have the luxurious feeling of Softsoap again!). Great stuff!

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  5. Amy

    I am finally trying the Nourish body lotion after spotting it in my whole foods last week and ad to post that I am in love! I bought the fig and am mixed on the smell…I don’t love it but it also doesn’t turn me off. The lotion itself is amazing though! It goes on so well, doesn’t leave me greasy and my skin was so soft and smooth after only the first application. It has been a week now and I have to say this is one of the best – if not THE best natural lotions I have found. Love that it is also a reasonable price (usually about $9.99 for me but on sale for $5.99 at whole foods right now (so go check it out if you have one close by!).

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