Cyber Monday Deal from The Honest Co.

Posted by:  Jordan

Emily professed her love for Honest’s healing balm over the summer, but now that we’re entering the depths of the season unfriendliest to my skin, I need to chime in about how much I’m adoring this balm.  It truly is a miracle worker.  I’ve had horribly dry skin on my face for the past few weeks, but after one night of exfoliating followed by a moisturizing overnight mask of this healing balm, my skin is no longer flaking off.

And if you’re like me and hate to pay shipping, I recommend buying this balm (or anything from the Honest Company) today because everything on the site is shipped free PLUS you get their new lip balm trio (worth $10) free with any order!  I’ve been wanting to try these lip balms and compare them to our new favorite “lip buttah” from Splurge (much more on this awesome company later!) so Honest’s Cyber Monday deal was one I couldn’t pass up.  Happy online shopping today!


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