Aye, there’s the [sc]rub!

Posted by: Emily

Two [scrubs], both alike in dignity

In case you couldn’t tell from the title and opening line, I’m on a bit of a Shakespeare kick. The rest of this post has nothing to with The Bard, but the products reviewed are worthy of his poetry (one more than the other, but this Lady can’t protest too much). Okay, last Shakespeare quote, I swear.


The scrub that I find truly sonnet-worthy is Splurge Skincare‘s The Rub. Oh. My. Goodness. Jordan already mentioned how much we lovelovelove this company, and reviewed the amazing scrubs, when telling you about (and giving away!) their fantastic Lip Buttahs. But they deserve more fanfare. I’d post about Splurge each and every time I use The Rub or the Lip Buttah, but I’d be posting every five minutes and no one wants that. But that’s how much I love Splurge. 

So why write about Splurge’s The Rub again? Why now? Well, besides just being awesome, they have released their new scent, Spring. The ladies from Splurge were kind enough to send it to Jordan and me to try out, and surprise, surprise, we adore the new scent.

Here’s Splurge’s description of Spring

Our new limited edition Spring scent captures the crisp smell of the earth coming back to life after a long, cold winter.  A blend of yuzu, a sweet, but tart Japanese citrus, combines with the bracing litsea cubeba to provide a fresh, clean scent.  A touch of ylang ylang rounds it out to give it just a hint of subtle floral . The combination smells like Spring itself.

Yeah. I know. It sounds amazing, right? AND IT’S EVEN BETTER THAN THE DESCRIPTION! And the best part about all of Splurge’s Rubs is that they are SO moisturizing. I don’t even feel like I need to apply moisturizer after a shower when I’ve used The Rub. And that’s saying a lot– I’m addicted to moisturizer, and have super-dry skin. Buy it here. And when doing so, you’d really, really be missing out if you don’t also buy a Lip Buttah or two. Seriously. My favorite is Lemon, but they’re all awesome. 



The other scrub worth talking about is from Nourish. Fantastic company, sold at Whole Foods, USDA organic. I love them. This scrub is good, but it’s really different. To be fair, it’s actually a Body Polish, which is a totally different animal.  It’s designed to be so gentle that it almost doesn’t feel like an exfoliator at all. It feels like a body wash, and even takes the place of one in the shower, but has a blend of organic corn cob, cupuaçu and murumuru seeds, and forbidden and jade pearl rice polish away dryness and leave skin glowing. I really enjoy it, but my only wish is that it came in scented varieties. I really love Nourish’s Lavender Mint scent. If this Polish came in that fragrance, it’d be even better. 

At $10 for 6 ounces, it’s really well-priced. If you have very sensitive skin and can’t do sugar scrubs, I recommend this one for you.

Here’s to glowing skin. Let us know in the comments what scrubs you love.



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4 responses to “Aye, there’s the [sc]rub!

  1. Stephanie

    I love Nourish’s Scrub, too! It also works great as a face scrub because it’s so gentle and moisturizing. I use it regularly on my face and I love it! Also, I am very excited because Nourish is going to release a new scent in the next couple of weeks (I think it’s going to be in the citrus family but I’m not sure) and a new face care line this Fall! You should definitely keep an eye out so you can review them in your blog.

    • Thanks for telling us, Stephanie! That is SO cool– I am sure I would love a citrus-y Nourish scent! How did you find out this scoop?! Thanks for the heads-up– we will definitely keep an eye out and review! That’s exciting news all around! –Emily

    • Stephanie

      Sure thing! I have just been following Nourish on their Facebook page and kept track of their posts. I recently posted to check in on the status of these new items and they replied with an ETA for both. The reason I suspect the new scent will be in the citrus family is because they indicated that it is a major scent category, and I know there have been many fan requests for orange blossom or pink grapefruit (including my own!). I am not certain, though, so they could always surprise us! Cheers!

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