Have/Love/Want 5.29.13

Posted by:  Jordan

Here’s another quick roundup of things I’m using and wanting right now!

Have:  Jane Iredale Mystikol Eyeliner/Highlighter

Jane Iredale Mystikol eyeliner malachite

I think this is a brilliant idea–a gorgeous jewel-toned powder eyeliner on one end, and a flattering champagne-colored highlighter on the other end.  I chose the dark emerald green color, Malachite.  However, the idea seems to be better than the execution, in this case.  I found it difficult to build intensity with the eyeliner.  It was pretty much always a VERY light wash of color.  I even tried wetting the sponge tip a bit before dipping it into the powder-filled cap, and still it just wasn’t working quite right.  I must have been trying to push too hard around the edges because the plastic cap split on the eyeliner end and now it won’t even stay attached to the pencil, leaving it free-floating around my makeup bag.  I think this could be a great product with just a little more help from the product development team.  As it stands now, not worth my $20.


Love:  John Masters Organics’ Face Serums

John Masters Vitamin C serum I picked up a couple samples of these serums from my local natural foods store and I immediately fell in love with both the Vitamin C Anti-Aging serum, as well as the Green Tea & Rose Hydrating Serum.  Please don’t make me choose which one I like better!  They’re both incredible and I wish I had full-sized versions of these to report any long-term benefits I’ve noticed; unfortunately, I only got about a week’s worth of usage from each sample package, so I can only attest to the immediate benefits.  Both were surprisingly hydrating for how light-weight they are and smelled incredible.  I think I’d probably end up purchasing the Vitamin C serum to help reduce the appearance of premature aging due to the inevitable sun damage I end up getting despite all best efforts.  Having a toddler and being at the playground every day will do that!


Want: Affordable, All-Natural Foundation

This request comes from a reader who recently asked that we do a SmackDown style review of a few affordable natural foundations (Vapour, we love you, but sadly you don’t very well fit in the affordable category at $40+) which would be pigmented enough to cover mild rosacea but gentle enough for her super sensitive skin.  My first thought was the foundation from 100% Pure, which I haven’t tried but am guessing it’s a more pigmented version of the tinted moisturizer, which I love.  However, at $32 it’s not a ton cheaper.  Anyone have any other suggestions of foundations which might fit the bill?  Let us know and I’m going to see if I can round up a few samples to go head-to-head!




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10 responses to “Have/Love/Want 5.29.13

  1. I really like the creme foundation from Lauren Brooke. It’s still $27, so not too much cheaper, but it provides pretty good coverage and has only the good stuff in it! They also sell a creme concealer and both powder and pressed foundation, but I haven’t tried any of those. I also love that you can order just about every product they sell in a sample size before committing to the big container. http://www.laurenbrookecosmetiques.com/products/creme-foundation

    • Jordan

      Thanks so much for chiming in, Jen! I’ve never heard of this line but I definitely want to take advantage of their samples they offer! I’m adding this to my list of foundations to try!

  2. I’d go with mineral foundations myself, like those made by Pure Anada. You can a lot of coverage depending how much you apply, and it’s good for people with skin problems because the zinc oxide is anti-inflammatory.

  3. I just realized my top three foundations are all super inexpensive! For a cream or liquid, I love the cream foundation from The All Natural Face. They’re a small indie brand with products hit or miss products, but this particular foundation is a huge hit with me. Plus, for only $6.50, you really can’t beat the price! I also really love the pressed mineral foundation from Honeybee Gardens ($9.99) and the loose mineral foundation from Lucy Minerals ($13.50-15.00.) The Honeybee Gardens is great because it’s pressed, and I love that the Lucy Minerals has a lot more coverage than any other mineral foundation I’ve found.

    • Oh yeah, I love the All Natural Face too 🙂 They have these really great eyelid primers and little pots of gel eyeliner. And everything is super cheap!

  4. Try the brand The All Natural Face. Pratically 90% of my makeup products are from them. Amazing artesanal and organic/natural brand with super affordable prices. They have powder, cream and liquid foundation.

  5. Sarah

    Real Purity makes a wonderful liquid foundation that is super clean and affordable. It’s called Health Glow Foundation and its $26 for 3.8 oz. I have acne scarring and use a lot almost every day and this bottle lasts me about four months. (It’s buildable coverage with mineral color).

  6. So I bought this both in the ultra black and the brown. I love how smoothly this product goes on. I have a hard time getting a smooth line without drawing on really thick with other liners. This isn’t the case. It lasts all day without smudging. You can get darker pigment with a second coat. Yeah, it isn’t as dark as some other brands with one swipe, but it is one of the smoothest formulas and best brushes I’ve used. Will be buying again!

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