Our Favorite Natural Sunscreens of 2013

Posted by:  Jordan

Just in time for all of the 4th of July activities comes our roundup of the best natural sunscreens we’ve been using this year.  Bring on the beaches, boating, picnics and poolside fun while safely protecting your family’s skin with these fabulous sunscreens.


Sun Putty SPF 30

sun puttyThis sunscreen, formulated especially for the sensitive skin on your face, is incredible!  It truly does go on clear–as advertised–and Emily claims that it’s the only sunscreen that doesn’t make her face look shiny and oily.  The ingredients are 100% natural, water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, and boast 20.5% zinc oxide (most physical-blocking sunscreens use a much lower concentration of zinc oxide and they still leave that awful telltale white residue on your skin).  The reason for the high level of protection,  zero white residue, and a drier texture (which is somehow still moisturizing plus has anti-aging properties) is the two years of research that was put into reformulating the sunscreen with the addition of Z-COTE, a form of zinc oxide which goes on clear.  You may remember that I fell in love with this sunscreen back in 2010 and was devastated when they took it off the market in order to improve their formula (which I loved back then, and love even more now!).  The EWG Skin Deep Rating is still just a 1.  You can buy Sun Putty for $28 for one ounce (or a sample 1/4 oz size for $8).


Honest Company Sunscreen SPF 30

Honest sunscreen spf 30You know we love everything from Honest and their newly reformulated sunscreen is my favorite for using on both my daughter and on my own body (south of my neck).  Their new formula–also scoring a 1 on EWG–is light years better than the old SPF 20 formula.  The texture is thicker and creamier, yet it blends in easily and doesn’t leave you looking ghostly with a white film, like the former version did.  Like Sun Putty, they use 20% non-nano zinc oxide, which is water resistant for 40 minutes.  You can buy the 3 oz tube (the travel friendly size for your carry-on is much appreciated!) for $13.95, or if you choose to do an Essentials Bundle like I do, it comes to $7.19–hard to beat for such an amazing all-natural sunscreen!


Coola Plant UV Face SPF 30

Coola Plant UV faceThis is another great sunscreen specifically formulated for your face.  Perfect for daily use under makeup, it dries quickly and of course leaves no white residue (which is not ideal anywhere on your body past the age of 10, but especially not on your face!).  This sunscreen has 12.61% zinc oxide and also includes ingredients like beet root and mushroom extracts which help protect against premature aging.  As with the previous two, this sunscreen scores a 1 on EWG.  For a 1.7 oz tube, it retails for $42 (or I found it on Amazon for $32!).  Coola actually has a ton of interesting products in their line, which I haven’t tried yet.  I’d love to try their Plant UV SPF 30 for Body, or any of the sunscreens from the Mineral or Baby Collection, as well.  One thing to be aware of is that the Classic Collection uses chemical sunscreens such as Octinoxate, so as a consumer just do your research–as always–on the ingredients you feel comfortable with before you make a purchase.

Please share with us your favorite natural sunscreens that you’ve been using so far this summer, or any that you’re wanting to try!



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5 responses to “Our Favorite Natural Sunscreens of 2013

  1. When selecting a zinc oxide-only sunscreen, look for at least 14% zinc oxide and an SPF of 15. The formulations with the lightest feel will have water and glycerin in the ingredients list instead of only oils, waxes and butters. Apply at least 1/4 teaspoon of sunscreen to your face and one ounce to your entire body. Some examples of zinc oxide-based sunscreens include DermaQuest Zinclear SPF 30, Burnout Sun Zinc Oxide SPF 32, Mychelle Sun Shield SPF 28 and Natural Instinct Natural Mineral Sunblock SPF 30 .

  2. Margo McCann

    I have begun doing a lot of research on all natural sunscreen. I have read that sometimes the chemicals in sunscreen can be more harmful than the sun. Thanks for the post…I know it will help me in my search for a good sun repellent.

  3. Stephanie B.

    Jordan– Have you tried Mambino Organics sunscreen yet? It’s awesome. You should add it to your list for 2016. Cheers!

    • I haven’t heard of it yet! Is it great?? Will definitely add it to the must-try list this summer!

      • Stephanie Bruce

        Yes, I love it. Mambino’s SPF 30 Baby & Kids Natural Mineral Sunscreen comes in a mess-free pump dispenser, it’s fragrance-free and contains 24.8% non-nano zinc oxide as the active sunscreen ingredient so it provides UVA and UVB protection, and the rest of the ingredients are either organic moisturizers or NSF-certified emulsifiers. It goes on easy like a water-based moisturizer but it is also slightly water resistant. It’s a bit pricey ($19.95 for 3.3 oz.) but totally worth it. http://www.mambinoorganics.com/product_p/ks1269-63.htm

        (My other favorite is Badger sunscreen but Badger is thick and greasy and it is more difficult and messy to apply.)

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