BRAND new (to us!) Vol. 2: W3LL PEOPLE

Posted by: Emily


This really shouldn’t matter, but here’s one thing I really like about W3LL PEOPLE (in addition to the totally cool “3” in their name and their excellent products!). You can go into a fancy store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Henri Bendel, and buy it. Like a real luxury brand. I know, I know. It’s silly. This isn’t Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I’m not Paris Hilton (thank goodness), and my idea of a spa experience these days is going to the dentist sans 2-year-old and reading US Weekly in the waiting room for 5 minutes. And I couldn’t be more grateful for my life.

But every so often, a girl (or guy, or woman, or person) just wants to go into a fancy store and find something special. I’ve missed that since I went completely green with my cosmetics. Before I did, and before my daughter was born, I used to love going to the basement level of Bergdorf’s or the first floor of Saks and just wandering through all the cosmetics. Occasionally I’d buy a Kiehl’s lotion or a Tarte lipgloss, but that wasn’t even the point. I just liked being there and looking at all the things I could buy, if I, say, won the lottery or saved up.

But going green, though one of the best, most rewarding decisions I’ve made in most ways, means that going through a department store’s makeup section is just a depressing look at fun colors, smells, and textures that I can’t have. I don’t want all the chemicals, but I love the pretty, the feeling of luxury, and I miss that.

So imagine my surprise a few months ago, on a rare Manhattan afternoon when I had an extra 10 minutes to myself, that there, in historic, romantic Bendel’s, was A NATURAL COSMETIC BRAND! And not just any brand, but W3LL PEOPLE, one I truly, absolutely, genuinely love.


Their slogan is “Hippie Tested, Diva Approved”

Let’s put aside the fact that it’s sold in Bendel’s, because, hey, most of us don’t live in Manhattan or have the time to wander in luxury, so let’s just take that awesomeness out of the equation for a second. Okay. I STILL REALLY LOVE W3LL PEOPLE! It’s still in my top 5 of favorite brands, ever.

Here’s my favorite of all their products: The Universalist Luminous Multi-use Colorstick. It is my new favorite lipstick. It lasts for so long– through eating, drinking, kissing, etc. Incredible staying power, and fantastic color options.


A while back, I ordered samples from W3LL PEOPLE’s website. (I love that, like Alima Pure, you can order samples of the products for $1.50 each!) I ordered all the colors of the Universalist. When my order arrived, though, my sample of #3 was missing. I was particularly sad about this, because it looked online like it might be a perfect color for me, a dark bronze. So I contacted customer service, mentioned the missing sample, and this blog, and they sent me a complimentary full-size #3 to review! How amazing is that?! Fantastic products + Amazing customer service!


Universalist #3 Bronze

I love it, friends. I use it mostly as a lip stick, but it also makes a great blush.  It’s second only to my other favorite Universalist Luminous Multi-use color stick in #4, Bronzed Rose. Wow. I mean, seriously. An amazing color. The color I’ve been looking for forever. This truly replaces my NARS multiples that I’ve missed so much.


Universalist #4 Bronzed Rose

As usual when I fall in love with a brand, I could write a 17-page blog post/love letter about it and tell you 100 things I love about it, but I know this is the digital age and you’re all very busy tweeting and stuff, so I’ll keep this brief.  You can read all about W3LL PEOPLE’s fantastic history, ingredients, and how they’ve been featured in/by W Magazine, Daily Candy, Refinery 29, and other cool sources. You can check out their website and read user-reviews about them on

Basically, I want this to serve as an introduction. I feel like I’m fixing you up with your soulmate. Reader, meet W3LL PEOPLE. W3LL PEOPLE, meet Reader. I know you’re going to hit it off, fall in love, and ride off into the sunset together. I can’t wait to dance at your proverbial commitment ceremony and hold your metaphorical children.

So go forth, Reader. Look around W3LL PEOPLE’s website. Read reviews. Order Samples!!!! Fall in Love.




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6 responses to “BRAND new (to us!) Vol. 2: W3LL PEOPLE

  1. I have to say, I’m really impressed with W3ll People’s line so far. I have never been a fan of powder of any sort – I am a die hard cream blush fan and it’s all I’ve used for the last decade. I also usually prefer creamy primers (like Vapour Organics), cream eye shadows, and haven’t used foundation or finishing powder in a LONG time. I was in the mood for something new and got several samples of W3ll People’s products – I fell in love with the finishing powder (Realist) and the shadow (specifically, the peachy apricot color). I’ve been using Vapour Organics bronzer for the last year and I really love it – but after trying a sample, I had to buy the full size of Hedonist Mineral Bronzer (51). I like them both for different reasons. I am pretty fair-skinned and I have the Vapour bronzer in a medium dark color because it really gives me a darker, “been in the tropics all month” color. It’s a little more dramatic and I love to pair it with neutral or barely any makeup. Hedonist in 51 gives me a more natural, sun-kissed look, better for every day wear. I was worried that the powder would look to dry and like I was wearing powder, but it’s not – it gives a really smooth, soft finish and pairs really well with a dab of my RMS coral cream blush.

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