Brow Expert at Shen Beauty Calms My Fears

Posted by:  Jordan

I just wanted to give some quick accolades to Shen Beauty in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn (conveniently located around the corner from my house) for bringing Carrie Lindsey, brow expert, into my life.  I had a severe phobia of letting anyone touch my eyebrows ever since I had a nightmare experience at a place on the Upper West Side four years ago.  It’s kind of a funny story when I think of it now, but at the time–definitely not funny!  I had gone to this woman who Emily had recommended a few times and was pleased with her.  I’ve always been a bit particular about who touches my brows ever since a friend’s mom told me in high school, after visiting an eyebrow threader, that they were too thin and might never grow back properly.  Since Emily has perfect brows, I decided it was worth a trip from Brooklyn to the UWS to visit this woman.  Well, one fateful day 4 years ago, I chose the wrong day to visit her.  She was just getting started on my brows when the receptionist shoved the phone to her ear, informing her that a client from earlier in the day was very upset and needed to speak with her.  Of course, I had no choice but listen in on the argument that ensued since the woman was 6 inches from my face, working on my brows while the upset customer on the phone accused her of stealing her wig and replacing it with a cheaper model!  Just as the brow lady was applying her thread to my already skimpy brows, she started screaming back at the woman, and–RIP–off came half my eyebrow.  Tears started streaming down my face, both in pain, and as I anticipated looking in the mirror at myself.  The brow lady was so worked up, I don’t think she even noticed as I jumped out of her chair, throwing my money on her stand and nearly having a breakdown in the salon.  I got home to an unsympathetic husband who didn’t understand the severity of this problem as I cried throughout the night that my face was forever ruined.  Perhaps slightly dramatic, but if you’ve ever had half your eyebrow ripped off, you’d understand the nightmare of this situation!!

Not me, but a hilarious picture, and a pretty true representation of when went down four years ago

Not me, but a hilarious picture, and a pretty true representation of what went down four years ago

Fast forward to last week when I finally decided maybe it was time to do something with my brows after not touching them for 4 years.  I contemplated for weeks, but decided to give the new brow bar at Shen a chance.  As soon as I sat down in Carrie’s chair, she calmed my fears with her soothing words and demeanor.  I told her the horrifying wig mix-up story and she laughed, sympathized (finally, some sympathy!!), and assured me that she’d leave them as full as possible while just shaping them up.  She even did a complimentary brow tint with some leftover vegetable dye she had used on a client just before me.  I can now rest easy knowing I have capable hands in which to entrust my brows!  If you live near Brooklyn, or are planning a visit to NY and have a similar brow phobia, you can trust Carrie!  While you’re there you can stock up on some natural beauty goodies they have in store, like 100% Pure, Ilia cosmetics (dying to try this line soon!), and Kahina Giving Beauty.

From Shen’s Facebook Page:

Celebrity Brow Designer, Carrie Lindsey is now at Shen.
Carrie uses a combination of tweezing, lavender-infused Azulene wax, and gentle Pearl Rosin wax to clean up and shape overgrown arches. Those with graying or thinned-out brows opt for Lindsey’s subtle vegetable-dye tints; while over waxed clients receive a deft demo with a fine brow pencil to ease the awkward in-between phase. Book your Brow Design Service on any Tuesday and receive 15% OFF.


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