Weleda Baby Care– not just for Babies! (HUGE GIVEAWAY!!)

posted by: Emily

It’s probably a good thing that none of my 2-year-old daughter’s clothes would fit me. Otherwise, I think I’d be stealing, I mean, BORROWING, them all the time. Not only are kids’ clothes cheaper than grown-ups’ (most of the time!), but they’re so darn cute!

Seriously– they don’t make stuff like this for adults!


I wish I could pull off a dress like this (a birthday gift from Jordan and her daughter, naturally!)


And, of course, I wouldn’t ever really take something from my daughter. Okay, yesterday, a friend brought over cookies and left one for my sleeping kiddo, who refused it upon waking, so… I ate it. But that’s not really stealing, I mean, she said she didn’t want it, right? 

But back to the point, there are some things of hers that I do borrow, or as I like to call it, SHARE with her. After every bath, I put this divine Calendula Weather Protection Cream, from Weleda’s Baby Care line, on her delicious cheeks to keep them soft and moisturized. Last winter, when my skin was particularly dry, I decided to try some on my face. I figured if it was gentle enough for my baby, it had to be gentle enough for my own, sensitive skin. It was! It worked!


As I’ve detailed here before, this cream, which is more like a gel, is a wonderful replacement for/alternative to petroleum products. As we are heading, much to my sadness,  into the colder seasons here on the East Coast, you might need something to sooth rough, chapped skin, cracked knuckles, and noses sore from too many colds. I highly recommend Calendula Weather Protection Cream. Of course, I use it year-round on both myself and on my daughter, despite the winter-ish sounding name. It works for soothing bug bites in the summer, scratches and scrapes all year round, over-exposure to the sun or any other elements, you name it, it works. It’s a multi-purpose soothing salve. And it’s also just a plain great moisturizer for sensitive skin anytime, anywhere!

Aren’t you so eager to try it now? Well, lucky for you, WE ARE GIVING AWAY TEN (10), yes, TEN, tubes of Calendula Weather Protection Cream! Thanks to the nice people at Weleda’s PR firm, we can choose 10 winners for this fantastic giveaway, making it one of our biggest ever!

How do you enter, you ask? Comment below. For extra entries, like Product Junkies Rehab on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @pjunkiesrehab, and like/follow Weleda North America on Facebook and @Weleda on Twitter. (Tell us what you’ve liked/followed in the comments, so we know!)

Winners will be randomly chosen at the end of the day Monday, October 21st, and must be residents of the continental USA.



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36 responses to “Weleda Baby Care– not just for Babies! (HUGE GIVEAWAY!!)

  1. Jamie

    Oooohhh!! I would love to try it on my two little kiddos! Fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Jill Barrett

    I need this for my 18-month-old son, whose sensitive skin does not do well in winter — even our balmy Texas winters. I promise to also “borrow” some for myself.

  3. Sammie K

    Emily, you know about products, you know about non-toxic stuff for kids, and you know about curly hair… what product should I be using on my 20 month old daughter’s AMAZING curly hair?? (We do bedtime bath and don’t have too much spare time for hair maintenance)

    • Hi Sammie!!! We are about to do some testing/posting here about Intelligent Nutrients hair products. I will let you know what we think. In the meantime, California Baby makes a hair gel, and The Honest Company makes a FANTASTIC hair detangler– it is the only thing I use on Hallie’s fine, curly hair. If it’s really dry, I’ll use a bit of oil on it– just a tiny bit. Any oil works, but I like argan, Weleda’s almond or baby oils, or coconut oil. Send pictures of your gorgeous curly girly! Love to the 3 of you!! xoxoxEmily

  4. Caroline

    My skin gets so dry in the winter, it starts to crack and bleed, especially my hands! Definitely need this. I follow you and weleda on Twitter and facebook (caroline gillis and @blueberryfaces).

  5. Such a great blog, Jordan!!! (Suzanne & Leo!)

  6. I live in the continental US, have horrible winter skin, and love both of you!

  7. Sorry if I double post, I had trouble the first time. I want this for ME, not my kid. His skin looks perfect all the time; I look like Edward Scissorhands with eczema from November to May. Also I love you both! Xo, Una

  8. Lee

    Sounds worth checking out. Miss Snuggles’ cheeks get very dry as the weather turns colder, and I’m very particular about what I’ll put on her face.

  9. Joan Jubett-Bauer

    I LOVE WELEDA! Used the oil on my son since he was an infant, and now a big fan of the tooth gel. Would love to try this weather cream.

  10. Sarah

    I’ve been using the Weleda Calendula baby line since before i was even pregnant. They’re great!

  11. Lulu

    Would love to try this. Not looking forward to the dry NYC air that approaches.

  12. Laura

    after searching and searching we use weleda diaper rash cream and body lotion for both our kids and are very happy with it. this is a great blog and i will be sure to start following you. i bet you will save me a lot of time (and money).

  13. Brady

    Yay! If I don’t win, I’ll probably buy some anyway!

  14. Marcella

    You ladies are so good at finding these awesome products! I want to try 😉

  15. Wow! I’ wanna win :D. Love those pics of Hallie and BOTH of those outfits. That dress of hers is so Great Gatsby. (And you could totallyy pull it off!) 🙂 xoxox

  16. Emily

    Would love to try on my 2 young boys! They both have sensitive skin!

  17. Kathleen

    Love weleda products, but haven’t tried this one yet. And of course I’m friends with product junkies on Facebook.

  18. Gloria

    I’d like to try this for myself– my skin always gets so dry in the winter.

  19. Cassandra Eastman

    I would love to win this for my 2 and 4 year old, Weleda products are so amazing but we’ve never tried this before! I love that they are natural , thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Cassandra Eastman

    Following ProductJunkies on twitter – @eastman928

  21. Cassandra Eastman

    I like Product Junkies on facebook – Cassandra Eastman

  22. Cassandra Eastman

    Following Weleda on twitter – @eastman928

  23. Cassandra Eastman

    I like Weleda on facebook – Cassandra Eastman

  24. Ginger G.

    Oh this stuff sounds great!! I haven’t heard of it before, but I’m expecting, so it would definitely come in handy! I like on fb and follow on twitter @gingergisi 🙂

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  26. Jessi

    I would love to try this, my daughters both get eczema bad in the winter. Nothing seems to help as much as the petroleum products- I have resorted to rubbing straight olive oil on their skin!

  27. I would love to try these products on my two girls and me!

  28. I would love to give this as a gift to my sister. She is due in February with her first baby.

  29. Renie

    I love Weleda!!

  30. Would love to try! I love their Baby Face Cream.

  31. Nadia Janson

    I think you can pull off that cute dress! It looks fairly easy to make. Not too much sewing. And the Weleda would be for me and me alone!!

  32. Jacky

    Oooh…I’d love to try this on my super sensitive skin…I mean, my daughter’s sensitive skin 🙂 Really, we both have fair and ultra-sensitive skin and this sounds like a great product for us to try! And, I also like Product Junkies Rehab on FB of course!

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