PJR Outing: Event for Nourish Organics

Posted by:  Jordan

October 2013 001

CEO, Rob Robillard, making us love Nourish products and the company even more than we already do!

A few weeks ago Emily and I were invited to a Fall Press Review for Nourish Organics, where they made public some exciting news regarding a couple new products at a very exciting new store (they’re currently only selling their products at Whole Foods and online on Nourish’s website).  I’ll get to the fun news in a second, but first let me tell you a bit more about the brand–unless you’ve been reading our blog for a while, then you probably know and love them as much as we do.  Nourish became the first 100% USDA-certified cosmetics company in 2003, back when NOBODY was talking about cosmetics actually being all-natural and healthy enough to eat.  The products are all made at their headquarters in Beaver Falls, PA.  At the event, we got to meet the CEO of the company, Rob Robillard, who has formerly worked for high-profile companies such as L’Oreal and Kiehl’s.  He clearly knows what he’s doing in the cosmetics world, but he hoped to make it better–better for us, better for the environment, AND still keep everything in the line affordable.  We got to learn a lot about the company, as well as the products, which we already knew we loved but it was fun to learn even more.  Such as, did you know that a product can’t contain water if it’s going to be 100% organic because water can’t be USDA-certified organic?  Fascinating!

October 2013 002

Emily, Mr. Robillard, and myself in front of an enviable display of Nourish goodies

Nourish coconut and argan line

The new Nourish products, sold exclusively at Target for a mere $9.99 each. Aren’t they pretty?! Even better, they smell incredible and moisturize like crazy!

But the real excitement at the event was when Mr. Robillard announced that starting this Fall, Nourish will have two new products launching exclusively at…drumroll…Target!!!  Who doesn’t love Target?!  We got to try both of the new items, Coconut + Argan Oil Body Wash and Lotion, and have been loving the rich, super-moisturizing, sweet-smelling products.  We were told at the event that it was difficult to create the scent for these two new products because the traditional coconut smell we’re all used to is a manufactured, unnatural scent, and if you cut into a fresh coconut, it doesn’t actually smell like much.  So they had to play around with a lot of different essential oils to come up with a scent that was reminiscent of what a “coconut scent” smells like to the average consumer.  In my opinion it actually smells more like vanilla and caramel, but not in an overly sweet, cloying way.  It’s warm and subtly sweet.  I love the smell of these new products, especially this time of year when I crave warm, sweet scents like chai, vanilla, and cinnamon.  And of course they’re also amazing for Fall/Winter because they’re ultra-hydrating.

Target is also selling the Lavender-Mint and the Almond-Vanilla body washes and lotions (the Lavender-Mint line is one of my all-time favorites–I just love that scent!  It’s especially nice in the deodorant, which really does work.)  If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out Nourish Organic products yet, head over to Target and treat yourself–or I suppose you could be generous and pick some up for holiday and hostess gifts.  But don’t forget treating yourself this time of year!

In other exciting news from Nourish, they’re in a soft-launch mode of their new facial line, which is currently only available online.  Emily and I haven’t had the opportunity to try anything from that new line yet, but you know we’ll be anxious to try it and will report back on it as soon as we do!



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4 responses to “PJR Outing: Event for Nourish Organics

  1. Stephanie

    I love Nourish so much but am heartbroken that their new products all contain argan and/or almond oil– and I’m allergic to tree nuts! I have begged them to reformulate their lotions to replace the almond oil or to offer at least one face cream without nut oils, but I guess Argan oil is all the rage these days. I *really* wish I could use these products, but I’ll just have to stick with the body butter and soaps.

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