2013 PJR Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by:  Jordan

Raise your (likely, always well-manicured) hand if you’re one of those super-organized people who is already done with their Holiday shopping by now.  I’m definitely not one of those rare creatures (and I’m constantly in need of a manicure).  I’m always so envious of those who manage to do their shopping all year long, rather than save it for the rushed few weeks between late November and mid-December, like I always do.  For those of you who haven’t finished (or–more realistically–haven’t even thought about beginning), here is our comprehensive gift guide of ideas for each person on your list.  Happy shopping!  (Spoiler Alert for any of my family members who might be reading this list–stop reading now if you don’t want any surprises to be ruined!)

For the new mom or mom-to-be:

Garden Girl Rub a Dub Baby Wash The Rub a Dub shampoo/body wash from Garden Girl ($16 for 8 oz) is a new favorite bath time product for my 2-year-old.  We love the calming lavender scent and the tear-free, super lathery formula.  Replace that cheap, synthetic, chemical-filled Johnson & Johnson–“the gentle stuff” (that tag line irritates me to no end)–baby shampoo with something that actually IS gentle.  And for the new mom or mom-to-be,  The Honest Company just came out with Organic Belly Balm ($15.95) and Organic Nipple Balm ($13.95 and a MUST HAVE item before you even think about having the baby–do not go to the hospital to deliver your baby without it!).  Round out the gift for the mom with a homemade Epsom Salt bath (just combine unscented, pure Epsom salts with a couple drops of your favorite calming essential oil in a pretty container), and the new mom will be thanking you endlessly.  Combine it with a meal delivery or homemade freezer-ready meal plus a little babysitting while she relaxes in the tub, and you’ll be the best gift giver on the planet!

For the woman who’s always putting others first:

Jane Iredale Glamor_Eyes-Lips_Palette This woman deserves something dainty, elegant, pretty, and–here’s the clincher–something she’d never buy for herself.  Treat her to this ultra luxe Glamour Eye & Lip Palette from Jane Iredale ($75).  It seems so frivolous, but in reality all the colors are super wearable so she’ll be using it daily, not just for special occasions.  Jane Iredale also has this insanely cool, Jane Iredale Snappy Brush Wandmagnetic Snappy Brush Wand for eyes ($30).  You can snap the brushes together so you streamline your brush kit, and it makes for really easy touch-ups since all the brushes connect with magnets.  I haven’t tried it yet, but Emily has, and reports that it’s absolutely amazing and the eyeliner part of the brush is the best eyeliner brush she’s ever found!  This is the perfect complement to the Eye & Lip Palette, and sure to make nearly every woman on your gift list give you an enormous hug.


For the Snow Bird:

Coola Plant UV face For anyone who has to escape the dreary cold weather every winter, like myself, give the gift of sun protection.  Coola’s Plant UV facial sunscreen ($42) provides excellent daily protection, doesn’t feel like heavy sunscreen sitting on your face, and contains skin-beautifying ingredients like lilac leaf, beet root, and mushroom extracts–all of which have antioxidant or anti-inflamatory properties.  Combine the sunscreen with a set of Nourish Organic’s new Coconut and Argan Oil Body Wash and Body Lotion ($9.99 each) and that person will be dreaming of tropical getaways all winter.

For the Glamour Girl:

w3ll-people-natural-warrior-makeup-kit Emily and I went to an event at Henri Bendel’s last week where we got to meet several founders of natural beauty companies (recap coming soon!).  One of these amazing people was Shirley Pinkson, the founder of W3ll People (LOOOOOVE this brand so much!  Read Emily’s review of some of her favorite products here).  At the event they told us about their three limited-edition gift sets, hand picked by Shirley.  The Glamour Girl on your list would, without a doubt, flip over the Power Beauty Kit ($48.50) which includes Universalist ColorStick#5 (creamy crimson), Paganist Lipgloss #2 (Sheer Gold), Hypnotist Eyepencil (velvet black).  I bought the eye pencil at the event because I was having major issues with all my eyeliners smudging all over my lids and disappearing by mid-morning.  Not the case with the eye pencil from W3ll People ($16.50).  Its smooth application stays put, blends easily, and, as the makeup artist told me while he was applying it on my eyes, “it’s like a little black dress for your eyes.”

For your office mate or cousin you see once a year:

Bubble and Bee salt cube four pack For this gift recipient, you need something universally loved, but still unique.   I recommend the Bubble and Bee Bath Salts ($27.80).  The 4-pack gift cube includes the following scents and at least one of them is sure to please the most finicky of gift recipients: Chamomile and Lavender, Lemongrass Ginger, Orange Peel, and Coconut Lime.  You could also break up the 4 pack and give the tin as small, individual stocking stuff or hostess gifts.  Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing in a fragrant bath of detoxifying salts?   Read a great review of these bath salts from The Glamorganic Goddess.  She made me immediately want to try these out for myself!

For the men in your life:

Weleda shaving cream My husband is the exact opposite of a product junkie.  When he finds something he likes, he doesn’t deviate, and he refuses to test new things out for our blog.  He started using Weleda’s skin care for men back when we first started this blog in 2010, and he hasn’t looked back.  Gone are the days of having razor burn on his neck and breakouts from the scary ingredients in his old Gillette “sensitive skin” shave foam.  If your guy is anything like mine, force him to try Weleda’s products and he will definitely thank you, and never try anything else, ever again.  My husband swears by the shaving cream ($14.50), the after shave balm ($23), and the moisture cream ($21).  I’m still pushing for a natural deodorant and toothpaste, but he’s not budging yet.

For the gardener/dish washer/nurse/or anyone else with hard-working hands…so basically everyone on your gift list!:

Ellovi Butter An extra moisturizing all-purpose, unscented, six-ingredient Body Butter from Ellovi ($26).    Made in Oakland, Butter is made from macadamia nut, coconut, marula nut, hemp seed, and shea.  Emily, in particular, is in love with this product.  She says:

Ever have that feeling that your skin is so thirsty it might actually want a drink? Sometimes, when I’m climbing into bed at night, I look down at my poor legs and see the parched skin practically begging for moisture. I’ve been keeping a little jar of Ellovi by my bed and slathering it on my legs. It has the satisfying advantage of soaking in almost immediately– I can practically hear my skin say “thank you!” as I apply it. And, because it absorbs so quickly and completely, I don’t have to worry about it getting my sheets and pjs all greasy. Also, I don’t feel guilty about washing it off in the shower in the morning, because it’s fully absorbed! Win-win!


That wraps up our gift guide for this year, but please let us know in the comments about any items that are on the top of your wishlist, or great gift ideas that you’ll be giving this season.  We’d love to hear from you!

Also, stay posted for our annual Cyber Monday roundup!



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  1. courtney

    WOW…just WOW…do you have a marketing degree i don’t know about, missy?? reading this just amazed me!! you are so talented!!! and also, i now want the Ellovi Body Butter and the Rub a Dub shampoo and body wash!!

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