Game Changer

posted by: Emily

Every so often, a product comes out that revolutionizes not only how I use that particular type of product, but my ability to use other products as well.

That sounds vague, I know, so I’ll cut to the chase.

RMS Beauty’s “Un”Powder not only has changed the way I use powder, but has enabled me to use products I didn’t dare to use before, like tinted moisturizer, cream blush, liquid foundation, and eye shadow. That’s a game changer.Image

It’s perfectly named. It’s not like any other powder I’ve ever used. It feels like silk on my skin even hours after applying it. It absorbs oil all day. It allows me to wear the shine-inducers above I used to shun. I couldn’t go near tinted SPF moisturizers before because they made my skin look greasy. Now I can– “Un”Powder makes it all good. Cream Blush used to just slide off my cheeks. Not anymore. Eye shadow didn’t stay on my lids for more than 10 minutes. Now I wear it all day, and it’s opened a whole new world of options.

Oh, and because it’s truly translucent, there’s no frustrating color-matching process. There’s no choice. Just “Un”Powder.

There’s only 1 ingredient: silica (don’t worry, no relation to silicone, no danger). Amazing.

So, if you want to change things up in the new year, get “Un”Powder. It just might open up possibilities you never dreamed of…



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14 responses to “Game Changer

    • How does it compare to the Make Up For Ever HD powder?

      • Hi Yumirae,
        I haven’t ever tried the Make Up For Ever HD Powder, so I can’t compare, but I can say that the RMS “Un”Powder is the best I’ve ever tried– conventional OR natural. I think it’s worth a try, and if you’re looking to go natural, it of course, wins over MUFE hands down. Hope that helps! Emily


    I’ll take a case!!!!

  2. likequietdreams

    I need to give this a try… I have the same problem with eye shadow and cream blush!

  3. Emily,

    When you say this helps with eyeshadow, are you using it like a primer or as a setting powder? Sounds like a lovely product!!


    • Hi Trish! I’ve been using it like a primer– basically I put on tinted moisturizer, then blush, and then “un”powder over my whole face, followed by anything else, so it’s a setting powder for the tint and blush and a primer for eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip pencil or stick, etc. It works for all. Hope that helps! XxEmily

  4. I’ve been very impressed with this powder, too! Have you tried the W3LL People Realist X Setting Powder? I wonder how the two compare.

    • Hi Mayette, Yes, I briefly tried the W3LL PEOPLE setting powder. It’s great, too. I only had a tiny sample of it so I didn’t feel like I could write a true comparison piece, but I can just say that I love EVERYTHING I’ve ever tried from W3LL PEOPLE. They are awesome! Hope that helps! Emily

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