Winners and Losers

Posted by: Emily

Well, we have a winner for our amazing Restorsea Giveaway! Chosen at random by, the winner is… Mary Ann C.! Hooray, Mary Ann! We are so excited for you.


There are no losers in this contest— you are all winners to me, and if you didn’t win, order free samples here— but the loser this morning was… my shower! Allow me to explain. I tried an all-natural DIY project suggested by a post on Whole Foods’ blog, and made an energizing scrub using coffee grounds, coconut oil, and cinnamon. Well, I tried it this morning. Let’s say this: my legs feel great. I smell great. My shower looks absolutely terrible! (Do check out the blog post, though– some great ideas, and written by makeup artist and friend-of-the-blog Kristen Arnett!)

One should note that, if trying this scrub, do so in a shower that has a removable shower-head that can be used to hose down the walls and floor after, and preferably, a shower with dark tiles. Our shower head is not detachable, and the shower is all white tile. There are tiny specs of coffee grounds in the grout and white tiles! I guess I will be spending my daughter’s nap time scrubbing down the shower today. Sigh.


Gorilla Coffee. My favorite to drink, and also made a lovely, if messy, scrub.

But other than the shower debacle, I do recommend the coffee/coconut/cinnamon scrub! Supposed to be good for cellulite and rough skin. Since I’ve only done it once (and probably won’t again as I fear for our brownstone’s sensitive pipes!) I can’t attest to any long-term benefits, but my skin feels moisturized and even though I finished my morning coffee hours ago, I am reminded of its scent every time I move, thanks to the scrub scent left on my legs!

Come back to the blog tomorrow for a fantastic Valentine’s Day giveaway from Splurge Skincare. Hint: It’s a scrub that will leave your skin in the best shape ever, and your shower in much better shape than my homemade coffee one!! Good timing.



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