Have/Love/Want 3.20.14

posted by: Emily

It’s Spring! It doesn’t feel like it, it doesn’t look like it, but I can tell it’s coming, and that makes me soooo happy.

So, I wanted to celebrate with a little Have/Love/Want.

HAVE: Organic-Nourishing-Lipbalm_1024x1024

You all know I ADORE Alima Pure. I particularly loved their Lip Tint in Fig, a shimmering bronzed plum. I think it’s really universally flattering. They updated their formula a few months ago, so I bought a new tube. The new Lip Tints are bigger (yay!), same great color (yay!), but have a new scent (hmmm….). They’ve swapped out the mint I loved for a chocolate scent. Well, I love dark chocolate– some might say I’m kind of obsessed– but I don’t know how I feel about it in my lip products. I like to eat it, not smell it all day. Luckily, this scent fades pretty fast, and you’re left with the gorgeous color and long-lasting moisture. So all in all, not such a bad change, but I miss the peppermint! Rumor has it that some people are allergic to mint in lip products, so Alima is just trying to help out the greatest number of customers, but I wish they made both, so one could choose either mint or chocolate scented lip balms…

LOVE: Hero_facial-cleanser_grande

The CEO of Nourish Organics, Rob, personally sent us the new facial line to try. And I instantly fell love with the cleanser. All the products are good, but the Moisturizing Organic Face Cleanser is just PERFECT! It’s creamy AND foamy (!!!) which is a rare combination. It removes eye makeup, including my non-natural waterproof mascara (see below for follow-up on that one, though!), and it leaves my skin feeling clean but not *too* clean. We all know now that squeaky-clean is not actually good for the skin. At $13.99 it is my new passion. I currently alternate using it and John Masters Organics Rose Foaming Facial Wash.


I’ve admitted in the past that the one thing I couldn’t give up was my waterproof mascara. It was the last holdout. I even embraced natural deodorant a year ago (Bubble and Bee cream deodorant has changed my life!), but I could not manage to even think about parting with my waterproof mascara. But recently, I decided I had to give it another try. I mean, my eyes are a pretty sensitive, open, delicate place to be using this chemical product.

And my timing couldn’t be better: 3 of my MOST FAVORITE brands have just released mascaras, and I want to try them all:

Alima Pure atural-Definition-Organic-Mascara_grande-1

RMS Beauty mascara1_resize

W3LL PEOPLE home_mascara

Stay tuned– I’ve requested samples from all of them, and I’m ready to take tiny steps away from Cover Girl and finally become completely natural in my beauty routine! I’ll keep you posted. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of the above mascaras and how they fared!


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