Go for the GOLD! Or BRONZE!

Posted by: Emily

So apparently, the winter olympics happened a few months ago. I’m sad to say I largely missed the fanfare. We rarely watch live TV anymore to begin with (thanks, Hulu Plus!!), and I felt like I got the gist of the games from my Daily Show/Colbert watching, and didn’t really give it much thought beyond that.


However, the idea of all those shiny medals definitely got my attention. The nice folks at Jane Iredale sent us some 24-Karat Gold Dust, and suddenly, I understood what all those Olympic athletes were competing for!

Being olive-skinned, I first went for the Gold, using it as a highlighter, eye shadow, and sometimes, mixing it with lipgloss to get a shimmery shine.


The Rose Gold is a nice substitute for Nars’ Orgasm line, something most natural product converts admit to missing once they go green! I use it (sparingly! It’s super-pigmented and a little goes a long way, which is awesome!) as a blush or over a lip tint to punch it up.


I was hesitant at first about the Bronze. Third place, right? And unlike other bronz-y shadows I’d tried, it was less brown-gold and more brown-silver. I tossed it in my drawer and kind of forgot about it.


Cut to a week or so ago when I realized I hadn’t really tested it yet, I busted out the Bronze. I had already applied my W3LL PEOPLE Nudist Colorbalm Stick in 6, which is lovely and moisturizing, but very subtle color-wise, and thought I’d just try some Bronze on top of that. Well, the result was transporting!

It took me back to high school (in a good way!) when I had this lipstick from the clothing chain store Express– yes, at some point in the early 90s, they made lipstick for a hot minute– and I loved that color so much I kept that lipstick through college and into my adult life, even though at 10+ years old it was definitely not good anymore! I shudder to think of the lead and chemicals that were in that lipstick, but it was the most amazing brown-silver color, and putting it on made my whole face come alive in this magical way. It was my signature.

I had forgotten all about that Express lipstick. At some point in my 20s, someone told me I looked “Goth” with dark lipstick (despite my brightly-colored clothing, blush, preppy style, and bouncy, shiny hair, but whatever) and I sadly gave up on darker lipstick for the most part.

But now I’m all about the Bronze. Third place? Feels like first!

Here’s a list by Jane Iredale’s beauty experts of 20 ways to use 24-Karat Gold Dust! Enjoy!


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One response to “Go for the GOLD! Or BRONZE!

  1. Ugh…I am not impressed with Jane Iredale…I swatched the gold dust at a local shop the other day because I had a gift card I needed to spend there… It’s nothing special, you could absolutely, 100% order something better from TKB trading, yet it was 15 dollars at that shop. It has no staying power…it’s pure pigment. That’s a completely and unacceptably inflated cost… While I didn’t want to spend more than my gift card allowed for, because of many products like that that didn’t deserve the money spent, I got their lipstain… While the ingredients were impressive, it functioned like any other lipstain I’ve owned, and it was as drying as any of the others. For such a price, I expected something multi-functional. I don’t know how you guys do it! I honestly don’t believe healthy ingredients equate to quality or even particularly healthy products for the skin. I’ve truly had a hard time finding quality healthy products. This post doesn’t help your cause, I’m sorry to say. I also think you guys need to do swatches and take pictures of your results if you want to convince anyone these products are worth it. If you’re just doing it for fun, that’s one thing 🙂 But your blog is definitely not selling me on any of the products! And I’m a 4-year vegan! I care about this health shtuff 🙂

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