All My Problems Solved Forever

Posted by: Emily

*yes, I stole that title from an episode of The Mindy Project. I hope you’re watching that show— sooo good!222_mindy_carousel-carousel-1400x386

Okay, it’s impossible that something could solve ALL my problems– how boring would life be if that were true?!– but for years, a big problem in my Product Junkie life has been The Great Shampoo And Conditioner Dilemma. 

I just couldn’t find one that was “green” enough AND effective enough. And Jordan was no help: every time I complained to her about my Great Shampoo And Conditioner Dilemma, she would casually mention the amazing Weleda shampoo she’d picked up in Europe a few years back. Yup, a great product by my favorite brand that WASN’T AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES. Not helpful!

So I’d look longingly at Jordan’s smooth, bouncy locks, dreaming of the day when I could go to Europe and grab a lifetime supply of that magical Weleda shampoo and conditioner. At this rate, that trip to Europe will have to wait till my daughter finishes high school, and that’s a lot of hair-washes I have to get through in the next 15 years!

I was delighted a few months ago when Weleda announced they were launching haircare lines in the U.S. Delighted doesn’t even come close!– elated. Ecstatic. Overjoyed.


But for months I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then, one day, at Whole Foods Brooklyn, while replenishing my supplies of Weleda diaper cream, baby face cream, and baby body wash, I saw it. In the baby section: Weleda Oat Shampoo and Conditioner! The elusive bird!

I bought it. I used it. And it’s perfect. All my problems solved! Forever! (But I still want to go to Europe!)


What I’m using:

Oat Replenishing Shampoo: I only wash my hair once a week, but I think this would work daily for dry hair. It’s classic, simple, foamy, and has just the right amount of “clean” scent.



Oat Replenishing Conditioner: Not too greasy, not too dry. Just right! I think this would be good for ALL hair types, even though it says it’s for dry hair.



Oat Replenishing Treatment: Sometimes I use this instead of the above conditioner (not in addition to!). When I need a little extra moisture, this Treatment is perfect. It’s not all that much heavier than the regular conditioner, but just adds a little bonus for coarse hair like mine once in a while.





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2 responses to “All My Problems Solved Forever

  1. Toba Barth

    I’m really happy when your dreams come true! Love, your Mom

  2. Great review! I’m becoming disappointed with many high end green shampoo brands and am going back to store bought ones. I’m liking Jason again but now I need to keep my eye out for this one. Thank you!

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