RMS Volumizing Mascara: In a Word, Perfection!

Posted by:  Jordan


“Stop whatcha doin’, cause I’m about to ruin

The image and the style that ya used to” -Digital Underground


RMS Volumizing Mascara  I’m pretty sure the Humpty Dance isn’t anywhere at all relevant to mascara, but for some reason every time I put on RMS Volumizing Mascara that phrase pops into my head.  Because THIS STUFF IS THE ULTIMATE NATURAL MASCARA!  So now that I’ve rapped and shouted at you, I’m pretty much done with my review.

Really, there’s not much to say other than buy it!  Try it immediately and I promise you’ll no longer be on the never-ending quest for the ultimate natural mascara.  It truly is perfection.  Smudging?  No (well, ok, maybe after a really sweaty workout, a little).  Flaking?  Nada.  Does it do the disappearing act like some other natural mascaras I’ve tried?  No, it really does last all day!  And it’s wonderfully dark and volumizing.  I really can’t say enough about this remarkable mascara.  Thank you, RMS, for answering all my natural beauty prayers!

The brush is soft and full, and applies the mascara evenly.  I still like to use my Jane Iredale mascara primer that I’m addicted to when I’m wanting an extra oomph of drama on my lashes, but it’s not necessary for staying power like it was with other natural mascaras that I was using.

Emily is in agreement with me on this perfect mascara, too.  She actually bought hers at J. Crew (who knew they started selling great beauty products?).  I have to share this hilarious text she sent me one evening:

“I’m loving this RMS mascara!  Like, it gets me out of bed every morning because I’m so excited to put it on!!  And then at night washing my face is so much easier!!!”

Take our word for it…it’s amazing.  See if it gets you out of bed every morning, too!

RMS Volumizing Mascara sells for $28 (and it’s available on Amazon Prime.  Order today and get it by the weekend!)




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6 responses to “RMS Volumizing Mascara: In a Word, Perfection!

  1. Wow, this is a big deal! The holy grail of mascara at last 🙂

    • Jordan

      It’s so exciting, Fiona! By the way, I love when our fellow natural beauty kindred spirits are as excited about this kind of news as we are!

  2. $28 for a mascara sounds hefty 😦 I have a few questions because this definitely piqued my interest! Can it be easily removed with water? Does it stay on for at least 6 hours?

    • Jordan

      I know, we both grappled with the price tag ourselves, but it truly is the best we’ve found. You do need to use soap to remove it with the rest of your makeup, but you don’t need a separate eye makeup remover. And yes, it really does stay on all day! I put mine on at 8:30am this morning and even after working out this morning it’s still going strong at 4:15pm!

  3. likequietdreams

    You convinced me! I’ve about given up on natural mascara…this might be my last try. lol. Random question? Are you still using Eminence tinted moisturizer, and have you tried Juice Beauty CC cream? I’m trying to decide which to try… everyone raves about the cc cream, but I always remember your glowing recommendation for Eminence and am wondering if you could compare the two?

    • Jordan

      I think you’re really going to like it! Give natural mascara one last shot! I LOOOOOVE Eminence tinted moisturizer but I haven’t ponied up to buy it again just because it’s expensive. I’d love to try Juice Beauty’s CC cream though because I used to use their tinted SPF moisturizer and liked that a lot. Their products never disappoint me, so I’m sure that one is great!

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