I’m in love with RMS Beauty– and it’s on sale!

Posted by: Emily


This summer, I fell in love… with RMS Beauty. And I have a way for you to try it, at almost 50% off! (I was recently emailing Jordan about this huge sale and decided that I should just share it with all our PJR readers.)

The only catch is: you have until 11:59pm tonight (Eastern!) to shop this sale. **Sales of this magnitude for a prestige brand like RMS are VERY rare! If you’ve been wanting to try it, now is the time to buy it!**

J.Crew started carrying RMS a while ago, and I was impressed– it’s rare to find a huge, popular company like the ‘Crew endorsing a small, women-owned, all-natural, organic beauty company. And right now, J.Crew is having a sale that actually includes some of their RMS items!! They’re marked down already, plus, with code SHOPNOW, you get an additional 25% off, resulting in several products being almost half-off!

Here are some of my picks from the sale:

RMS Mascara

RMS Volumizing Mascara

Jordan already waxed (haha– mascara is made of wax) poetic about this earlier in the summer, and I am a complete convert. Until this particular mascara, I could not imagine giving up my conventional, waterproof Cover Girl. But now I feel so much better every morning, waking up without the residue of yesterday’s mascara still on my eyelashes, despite through cleansing. It’s revolutionary. Plus, I think it looks fantastic.


Living Luminizer


If you want to look like a J.Crew model, this is apparently the secret. Read more about how to apply it here. Usually $38, it’s now on sale for $21.37 with the SHOPNOW code!!


Buriti Bronzer


I like this as a lip color, cheek contour, and eye shadow. Basically, use it for anything! Down from $28 to $15.75 with code.


Raw Coconut Cream


I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on my wish list (and I am now wishing I’d put it in my shopping cart when I placed my own J.Crew order a while a go…) Only $12.10 now! Usually $18.


The Cream Eye Shadow, Lip2Cheek, and Lip Shine are all also on sale in selected colors. They’re all great, so if you’re in the market, take advantage of this special sale opportunity!



My very favorite product is not on sale, but if you’re placing the order and saving money, you might want to toss this in your shopping bag, too.

“Un” Cover Up


I had sampled this product in the past, and found that 22 is my perfect color match, but I just didn’t feel like investing in a concealer. Then, I read somewhere, early in the summer, that this could be used in place of foundation, and on a beach vacation, I dabbed it on over my sunscreen and found the answer to my prayers! I’ve been unsatisfied with tinted SPF products for a long time, and this makes my problem a thing of the past. A little bit goes a long way over sunscreen, moisturizer, or beauty oil, and leaves an incredibly natural wash of skin-evening color!

And, in case you missed it before, RMS “Un” Powder is my personal Game Changer …

Tell us in the comments if you love RMS, which products you can’t live without, and if you shop the J.Crew sale!!



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3 responses to “I’m in love with RMS Beauty– and it’s on sale!

  1. Thank you!! I’ve been wanting to try RMS and this was the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Can’t wait for my order to arrive. Love your blog! 🙂

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