The Seaweed Bath Company

Posted by:  Jordan

Fall is just around the corner and that means one thing for me: bath season is here (and pumpkin beer, but that’s for another blog)!  I don’t feel much like taking baths in the summer, but in the past week the weather has changed here in NY and it’s definitely feeling more like Fall.  So, as I was filling up the tub a couple days ago, I remembered the single-use bag of Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath I had bought back in June when I was on a girls’ trip in Chicago.  My friend, who lives in Austin, TX, and I were browsing the spa’s gift shop after our treatments and she saw products from The Seaweed Bath Co., a natural bath and body company based in Austin, and mentioned, “oh, my friends started this company after the husband suffered from severe psoriasis and nothing worked for him.” (Read Adam’s bio about how his chronic psoriasis led to him creating the company here). Of course, natural product junkie that I am, I had to pick up a bag.  I’m helping support a friend of a friend–and it was only a $3 little treat for myself!  I had put the bag away in my linen closet all summer, and just remembered about it this week.  So I poured the contents into my bath and watched the murky brownish-green water fill up the tub.  Y’all…I am such a huge fan of this product after just one bath that I had to let you guys know about it immediately!

Seaweed Bath Co Powder Bath

The bath itself wasn’t a transcendent experience.  The scent was a little, well, seaweedy, and like I mentioned, the color was little off-putting (don’t worry, it doesn’t leave a brown ring around your tub, which has happened to me before with some bath soaks).  But, as directed on the instructions, I let the oil soak into my skin after the bath and didn’t even apply additional moisturizer to my body afterwards (which is basically going against my religion).  The thing I immediately noticed after my 30 minute soak was that the massive, swollen mosquito bites I had gotten while playing outside with my daughter that evening were completely gone.  I mean, GONE.  I couldn’t find them at all!  The next day I noticed that my skin felt smoother than normal, wasn’t dry at all (even with skipping post-bath moisturizer), and my Keratosis Pilaris (those little bumpy “chicken skin” patches on the backs of my arms) was less pronounced.  My daughter inherited this charming skin ailment from me, so I am anxious to get more of the Powder Bath to see if it helps clear hers up too!

I’m an immediate convert and am ready to try all their products, now!  I especially want to try their shampoo and see if it helps my husband’s dry, flaky scalp, which I’m convinced isn’t dandruff but some form of psoriasis since nothing has worked for him except for a $50 bottle of prescription shampoo, which contains ingredients that probably altered his DNA.  Stay tuned for the results.

As the weather gets colder and it turns to Bath Season, I encourage you to stock up on some of this miracle bath soak and see if you experience such amazing results after just one use!



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9 responses to “The Seaweed Bath Company

  1. This is interesting. Sounds like they are really on to something with this product. I’m also prone various skin conditions like weird scaly patches on my knees, cracked feet, and super itchy back. It’s not in Canada yet, but I see these products are in at the Co-op in Port Townsend Washington which I visit sometimes so I’ll look out for them there next time. Thanks!

    • Jordan

      You definitely have to try it, Fiona! I really wasn’t expecting to notice much, especially after just one bath, so I was pretty shocked!

  2. Jennifer Pruitt

    This is so timely! I was watching in dismay as bizarre red and scaly patches showed up on my face. Yuck. Am I allergic to something? I have no idea but I figured this seemed like a good bet, so I ordered a few things last night! Ahh the joys of sensitive skin…

  3. FYI Canadians : You can buy Seaweed Bath products on

    • Jordan

      Awesome!!! Thanks for the update! Have you tried it yet? i’m anxious to hear if it’s working miracles for anyone else!

      • I have tried it. I didn’t have any specific skin problems at the time, but I was impressed how soft and silky my skin felt after. The tub did need washing but it came off easily. I would definitely recommend it for a therapeutic soak.

      • Jordan

        So glad you liked it! I was wanting to place a order but was waiting to see if they had a Cyber Monday deal–seems they don’t.

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