Baby’s first facial

Posted by: Emily

Don’t worry, I didn’t take my kid for a facial! But I did just have MY very first facial! (I will take a moment here for you to be shocked, since I am a total product junkie and it’s actually kind of weird I made it 30-some years without ever having had a facial!)

It’s Spa Week here in NYC so I made an appointment for a Hungarian Organic Facial at Venelle Salon and Spa in Brooklyn, where they exclusively use Eminence Organics products. During Spa Week, it’s $50; normally, it would be $95. So, I figured, this was the time to try a facial!


The verdict? It was fine! I really like Eminence products. Each one the esthetician applied smelled better than the one before. (Read Jordan’s post about Eminence here). However, I’m not sure facials are my indulgence of choice. My favorite part was when the esthetician was briefly massaging my neck, shoulders, and arms, and it occurred to me that, for my money, perhaps I should have gone for a massage!

photo 1

The esthetician’s table, after the facial.

My skin feels good and it was certainly refreshing and relaxing, but not life-changing. Honestly, it kind of felt like this woman was just applying layer after layer of product to my face, massaging each one in, and then wiping it off. Of course it was more artful and glamorous than that, but simply put, it was kind of like an expensive “wipe-on-wipe-off” experience. And at times, it stung or burned a little. I know– pain for beauty, etc., but again, I think I might prefer a massage next time I’m lucky enough to go to a spa!!

photo 2

The spa room’s selection of Eminence Organic products. Pretty much everything they make! Wouldn’t mind having this cabinet at home to use!!!

And now, post-facial, there’s not enough time to go home and apply my usual makeup, so I’m forced to go pick my daughter up from school bare-faced (oh the horror!!). Don’t worry, I brought along my new favorite Jane Iredale bold PureMoist lipstick in the new autumnal shade, Katerina. So I won’t feel completely naked!!


Katerina– the perfect bold lip for Autumn!

In the comments, tell us about your experiences with Facials. Jordan is a big fan, so I might have to try one more before I decide once and for all that they’re not for me. Where do you go for Facials?


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  1. I’ve never had one either. I’ve always thought my skin would just flare up from all the products and whatnot. It sounds like a lot at once for your skin to absorb!

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