Awesomeness Roundup

Posted by: Emily

It’s a grey, rainy day here in New York, as we settle into the added darkness of the time change (to which I still have not adjusted– 9:00pm still feels like 10!) and the upcoming colder weather, I thought I’d share some great stuff going on in the natural beauty world!

1. The LUX Naturals SALE and site relaunch

Shea Butter Collection

Funny story. Okay, it’s a little embarrassing for me, because it shows me being totally spacey, but it has a happy ending.

The other day, Jordan and I were at Whole Foods and were delighted to see that our favorite LUX Naturals Whipped Shea Butter moisturizer is back in stock after a long, sad drought. (Read Jordan’s post on Lux, here). We each happily picked up a jar of Herbal Lavender and went on our way. Days later, I complained to Jordan that, while I loved the smell of the Herbal Lavender and the moisturizing of the cream, it just wasn’t exactly how I remembered it. Something had changed. I became convinced that the company had changed the scent. And I was sad because I couldn’t put my finger on what had changed.

Then Jordan kindly and gently asked if maybe I was confused because last time I had purchased (and LOVED) the Vanilla Peppermint scent… which might account for why I felt like the scent was great, but different. I was using a completely different scent! Ha! I was so relieved.

vanilla peppermint 3.5

use code launch15 for 15% off!

But my relief was short-lived when I went on the site and looked for Vanilla Peppermint, and couldn’t find it anywhere. A few days ago, I anxiously emailed LUX, saying, “please don’t tell me you discontinued Vanilla Peppermint!!!” Within hours they wrote back the nicest email, saying that the scent is back (it’s seasonal, apparently), and their new-and-improved website is relaunching as of TODAY! To celebrate, there’s a 15% off code, launch15, valid site-wide!

Vanilla Peppermint Lip Balm Side

Naturally, the first thing I did this morning was to order my beloved Vanilla Peppermint Shea Butter (I love the lavender, too– really– it’s just not how I remember it because it’s not the same scent!). They are also selling lip balms in that flavor, and others, which I think is new. It’s new to me, so I ordered one! Review to come soon!

2. Target gets cooler; S.W. Basics gets bigger but manages to stay perfectly small at the same time

One of THE most pure, indie, cool brands I know, S.W. Basics, is going big time… but they’re not letting fame and fortune change them AT ALL! (other than a few lowered prices!!!!!). Now you can support a Brooklyn-based, Woman-owned, independent brand at the biggest of big box stores! Win-win. Convenience! Go vote with your wallet, people! Show them this is a great move, and maybe Target will carry more natural brands! (They already have The Honest Company products!)


Here are the highlights from their announcement email:

Here are the deets on the partnership:

  • Three prices will be going down, Cleanser (now $22), Toner ($22), and Exfoliant ($24). 

  • NOTHING else is changing. Not the formulas, not the quality of the ingredients, not the branding, nothing. 

  • We have launched on (free shipping, subscription service, and lots more goodies oh my!) already.

  • We will be launching in select premium aisles in March, 2015. Look out for the map soon!

  • We will absolutely continue to work with and support our other retailers throughout the world. 

  • Because of the partnership, we can now afford some amazing improvements including USDA organic certification, coming soon! 

3. Friends and Family sales are happening! Start with Hip Apotheca– while you still have time!


Super brands like Alima Pure, Revolution Organics, John Masters, and the above-mentioned S.W. Basics are 25% off till tonight!

Since the holiday season apparently starts as soon as the trick-or-treaters go home now, we’ll start seeing more and more Friends and Family sales in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out, as this is the time to get some of the best discounts on indie brands and organic companies, plus a great time to do your holiday shopping before things get busy!

Post any good sales we should all know about in the comments section, please!



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3 responses to “Awesomeness Roundup

  1. I have one! All Natural Face 20% off sitewide until Nov 30, code MERRY

    Ha ha, I actually remember the post about you two each buying different scents of Lux. So it was here in the blog all along! 😉

  2. sosusam

    It’s wonderful that great, small brands are getting high-profile opportunities, like SW Basics at Target. But I find the fact that Target uses profits from its stores to back politicians, many with highly conservative agendas (anti-gay marriage, for instance), quite challenging. I love much of what Target offers and am so happy to see a big box store giving a unique brand a chance…but I don’t want to “vote at the cash register” knowing the money I spend backs political agendas I don’t support. Hard choice! Maybe if we all speak up Target will stop doing that–but still offer great brands at their stores? (I can dream, can’t I?)

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