New Stuff to Love in 2015

Posted by: Emily

Every New Year’s I make a resolution to have less stuff, to live more minimally. (I will pause here for your laughter.) Being a true Product Junkie, this is a pretty lofty goal, since my joy comes from trying new stuff. Every time I find a lipstick I love, my heart sinks a tiny bit, because I don’t ever want the search to be over! Part of being a Product Junkie is the thrill of the chase, after all.

So far in 2015, my quest for new stuff has won out over my quest for minimalism. Here’s a list of new things I’ve tried and loved!

1. Kari Gran

Seattle-based, woman-owned all-natural skincare/makeup company Kari Gran is a great find.

I have been using and loving their Skin Care System (starter kit lets you try all 3 products for $35!!). Includes Essential Serum, Hydrating Tonic and Cleansing Oil.


I also particularly love their Lip Whip (colors shown here:)


It’s every bit as moisturizing and healing as any awesome lip balm, but with a great scent and fantastic colors! And the pigments are really great. I am partial to “Naughty” (first one on the left, above).

2. RMS Beauty


My love affair with all things RMS continues. I recently tried out their Raw Coconut Cream and I love it– as a makeup remover, moisturizer, you name it. It’s pretty perfect.

I also bought their brand-new Tinted Un-Powder. I’m a huge fan of the original Un-Powder, and this is an answered prayer!

3. Tata Harper

The more I sample, the more I adore. Seriously, this brand is just about perfect. I could tell you the products I’m loving, but it would be LITERALLY everything. I have bought all their sample kits, so I think I’ve tried it all now, and haven’t found a thing I didn’t love. Here’s a tip, though: I think you get better value when ordering their $11 Try Me kit than you do with the $25 Be Mine Again kit for Valentine’s Day, though the latter gives you a small piece of organic chocolate and a sample of all 5 shades of their Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint to test the colors, so maybe it’s more if a tie.


Speaking of the Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint, I want to give it a particular shout-out. It’s just plain awesome. I am not usually a cream blush person, but this one is truly the best yet. Best I’ve ever tried. I’ve been using it for a month now and I just plain adore it.

My two favorite shades are Very Vivacious and Very Charming. I bought Vivacious lc_coral

and am now itching to buy Charming lc_pink (I’ve been using my samples of this one carefully but want the full-sized product!). In addition to being the perfect pigment, it’s a skincare treatment, and makes my cheeks and lips feel awesome!

4. Rahua shampoo and conditioner


On a whim, I bought a travel-sized trial of this shampoo and conditioner duo. And it’s great. I got both the regular and Volumizing versions. Both great. I figured anything that Spirit Beauty Lounge loves this much must be good, and it is!

5. Indie Lee’s Brightening Cleanser


This product is perfection. It contains STRAWBERRY OIL! Why doesn’t everything contain Strawberry oil?! It’s perhaps the best scent in the world. I want to bathe in this cleanser. I want to wear it around all day and never wash it off. It. Is. Amazing.

What are you loving in 2015? Post in the comments!



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