GIVEAWAY!! Earth Day 2015

Posted by: Emily


Being Natural Beauty Junkies, we are pretty passionate about celebrating Earth Day (Wednesday, 4/22). We’d like to get you excited about it, too, with a GIVEAWAY!

We’re lucky to have partnered with awesome skincare brand Kari Gran for this giveaway, and I know you will LOVE the prize.

I’m a huge fan of Kari Gran’s Lip Whip— I wrote about it here. One lucky winner will get to choose her shade/flavor: Peppermint Naked, Cinnamon Naked, Peppermint Tinted, Cinnamon Tinted or Peppermint Radiant. (See here for which is which.)


To enter, Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and tell us below in the comments which shade/flavor you want! (if you don’t do Facebook or Twitter, it’s okay– just comment below!)

Winner will be chosen and notified by the end of the week.



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14 responses to “GIVEAWAY!! Earth Day 2015

  1. Jamie Parks

    Oooh! I would love to try the “Radiant” one! 🙂

  2. Amy farley

    Fun! I have been dying to try these in radiant! Thanks ladies!

  3. Heard so much about these lip whips! Tinted is very pretty.

  4. Dana

    I would love “Radiant”. Perfect for spring!

  5. Marcella

    How could I choose?! I guess…Cinnamon tinted.

  6. I’m in need of some slightly bolder, non-nude colours in my lip collection. I’d love to try radiant.

  7. Brady

    Tinted! Thanks ladies!

  8. ginger

    Ooo so beautiful! I would love to try either Radiant or Nice…I’m really indecisive as you can tell 🙂 haha! Thank you for the chance!

  9. ginger

    I already follow on fb and twitter as well!

  10. Anne

    Cinnamon tinted please!!

  11. Camille

    Fabulous, want to try the peppermint tinted for a while…

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  13. Robyn

    They all look so good, I cant’ choose!

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