Strange Invisible Perfumes Body Wash & Lotion (+Giveaway!)

Posted by: Jordan

It’s a new year and we’re ready to introduce our readers to some amazing new companies we’ve been loving this Fall/Winter!  First up is the incredible natural perfumer, Strange Invisible Perfumes, who have graciously offered a giveaway to one lucky reader!  Read on for details on how to be entered into this heavenly giveaway.


Emily and I got to smell a lot of Strange Invisible Perfumes’ products at the Indie Beauty Expo this past Fall, and we’ve been loving the samples we received ever since.  I’ve tried out all the scents of the body wash & lotions and each one is so sophisticated and beautiful.  It’s hard to choose a favorite–they all smell gorgeous–but if forced to choose, I’d have to say the Sage + Rose scent is a standout for me.  But I think my absolute favorite is the Lavender + Vetiver scent.  The scent lasts at least half the day, and every time I catch a subtle whiff of it, I continue to love it.  Ever since switching over to completely natural products with no synthetic fragrances in 2010, I’m extra sensitive to scents.  Anything too strong, cloying, or artificial gives me an instant headache.  All of SI Perfumes’ bath and body washes use only 100% natural botanical scents–nothing artificial here!  So the scents are naturally fresh and pretty.  I’ve found that the Lavender + Vetiver scent seems to last the longest, which I appreciate–I should mention that these high quality products are not inexpensive.  I can justify the price of the body wash and lotion since they basically double as a perfume for me.

SI Perfumes recently came out with their Zodiac line of perfumes.  For a complete review of these, read the beautifully written write-up from Scent Hive.  They’ve created a perfume specifically for your zodiac sign.  So fun to read what your sign smells like!

Aries: The Innovator. Element: Fire. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is able to make incredible things happen quickly. Hydro-distilled essences of cinnamon, rose, and angelica fuel a vibrant imagination. Frankincense, benzoin, lavender, and sandalwood cool fiery impulses, encouraging the composure needed to realize visionary plans.

Taurus: The Sensual Realist. Element: Earth. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a compassionate sign resistant to the influence of others. Lush earthy notes of geranium, maté, oakmoss, vetiver, and frankincense encourage flexibility and optimism without compromising shrewdness. Neroli, rose, and grapefruit court the senses and lighten the mood, allowing Taurus to shine even more brightly.

Gemini: The Mastermind. Element: Air. Gemini, symbolized by the twins, is an agile thinker with the dazzling ability to see all angles of an issue. This sign is associated with duality, a concept often confused with duplicity—hence the misguided characterization. Charming notes of violet, gardenia, and angelica echo Gemini’s alluring presence and sparkle against a darker backdrop of amber and leather.

Cancer: The Levelheaded Bohemian. Element: Water. Cancer is the only sign of the zodiac ruled by the moon. While being adventurous and free spirited, those born under Cancer are known for their cleverness, generosity, and devotion to family. Mandarin, patchouli, and lily of the valley encourage Cancer’s mischievous sense of humor, while sumptuous notes of Tahitian vanilla, amber, and leather make this sign feel right at home.

Leo: The Ringleader. Element: Fire. Leo is the only constellation ruled by the sun. Hydro-distilled essences of neroli, bergamot, lemon, and cardamom reinforce Leo’s charisma and inviting style of leadership while smoothing out domineering tendencies. Ambrette seed and jasmine sambac tame Leo’s fire, making gratification come more easily.

Virgo: The Exacting Romantic. Element: Earth. Virgo is the guardian of quality, and this sign’s pursuit of excellence is often mistaken for arbitrary perfectionism. Baked earth and palo santo reflect deep introspection and a dedication to nuance. Sparkling notes of neroli, temple mandarin, and rose speak to Virgo’s need for beauty and precision, sweetly quieting the critic.

Libra: The Connoisseur. Element: Air. Libra, ruled by Venus, is the most approachable of all air signs, balancing elegance, wit, and mischief with legendary skill. Centering essences of rose, grapefruit, and iris fulfill Libra’s unyielding need for beauty, while golden champa, myrtle, and basil calm Libra’s tendency to worry.

Scorpio: The Enigma. Element: Water. Scorpio, the dark horse, the infamous rock star of the zodiac, is nothing if not a mystery. Vetiver and palo santo both respect and soften Scorpio’s iron will, while frankincense and cinnamon reflect Scorpio’s deep spiritual wisdom and vast knowledge. Leather and white Cognac encourage Scorpio’s brooding intellect to lighten up and live joyously in the moment.

Sagittarius: The Rolling Stone. Element: Fire. The iconic nomad sign, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius lives for adventure and tends to be a social butterfly. Neroli and lime reflect Sagittarius’s innate optimism, mutability, and fiery ambition. Grounding essences of cypress, bay leaf, and honeycomb encourage this nomadic sign to appreciate present surroundings.

Capricorn: The Force to Be Reckoned With. Element: Earth. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is famous for a nearly heroic sense of commitment, patience, and drive. Iris, frankincense, and Tahitian vanilla speak to Capricorn’s earthy, sensual side and strong need for stability. Neroli, jasmine, and white Cognac invite Capricorn to let go of routine and enjoy the rewards of spontaneity.

Aquarius: The Rebel with a Cause. Element: Air. Aquarius, the third and final air sign, is one of the most charismatic signs of the zodiac. Neroli and rosemary fuel Aquarius’s independence, intellect, and humanitarianism, urging Aquarians to put their global ideals into action. Lavender, white sage, and frankincense soothe anxiety, grounding Aquarius when airy detachment sets in.

Pisces: The Dreamer. Element: Water. Empathic and sensitive, Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, is seen as the wisest and most reflective of all. Grounding essences of frankincense, cedarwood, and black pepper guide Pisces through occasionally stormy seas of emotion. Night-blooming jasmine, kewda, and lime keep the waters of creativity abundantly flowing.

Now for the really fun part: a giveaway!!!  One super lucky winner will win a lotion of their choice (value $75) PLUS a bottle of the Zodiac Perfume in your sign (value $125)!!  I wish I could win this giveaway myself!  To enter:

  1. Leave a comment with your zodiac sign and the lotion scent you would choose.
  2. Earn an extra entry each for liking PJR on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  3. Same goes for liking Strange Invisible Perfumes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to tell us in the comments what you’re following.Giveaway open to US residents only.

Deadline for entry is Tuesday, 1/12/16.  Good luck and happy new year!



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30 responses to “Strange Invisible Perfumes Body Wash & Lotion (+Giveaway!)

  1. I love this company!



    And of course I like you on FB (and in real life) and I like the SIP page on FB too. Happy New Year!!

  2. Anne D

    Leo is my sign. Lavender plus vetiver sounds beautiful!!

  3. I love PJR – I have already liked on Facebook – hopefully, that counts 🙂

    I have liked SIP on Facebook to get an extra entry.

    Sign is Scorpio –

    Rose/Sage or Lavender/Vetiver or Bergamot – they all sound wonderful


  4. Alyssa

    Sounds lovely!
    Lavender & vetiver

  5. Pamela

    Just what I need to get me thru this cold winter!!!! Virgo Lavender & vetiver

  6. I am on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio. I’d love to try Bergamot!

  7. Thanks for the shout out Jordan! SI perfumes and body products are really beautiful. And what an amazing giveaway! Wow! No need to enter me, but good luck to everyone 🙂


  8. Ginger

    I’m a Capricorn and the scents sound amazing! Leo and Gemini also sound lovely!

  9. I’m following you on twitter @gingergisi and liked on facebook!

  10. I’m also following Strange Invisible on Instagram @gsgisi, twitter and liked on Facebook! Thanks so much for the giveaway! This would be amazing!!

  11. Mita

    I love lavender!!!! And as an Aries I like to try to make incredible things happen each day. 🙂

  12. Brady

    Yay for a giveaway! I’m a Leo, and that perfume sounds amazing. If I had to choose a lotion fragrance I would do the Lemon + Neroli. I’m just a sucker for citrus.

  13. Birdy

    I love SIP and would love to try the Pisces perfume, and the Lavender Vetiver wash.

  14. Aimee

    Aries, so I would select Aries scent of course.

  15. Jamie

    This Sagittarius would love the Lavender! 🙂

  16. Cara Z

    Libra here!!!!! Love the lavender and vetiver scent!!!

  17. beth

    aries. I’m going rose to help fuel my imagination!

    sounds awesome!

  18. I’m a Taurus and I’d love to try the sage + rose lotion scent! And of course I already like PJR on Facebook. Pick me!

  19. Kathleen

    And the lavender/vetiver scent sounds amazing!

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  21. Aries. Lavender + Vetiver would be lovely!

  22. Looks lovely

    Lavender and Capricorn – perfect combo!

    You are both liked on FB and followed on Twitter lovely ladies

  23. Kelly

    I’m Libra-Scorpio cusp. They both sound amazing! I guess I should try Libra v

  24. Kelly

    I’m Libra-Scorpio cusp. Both sound amazing. I guess I should try Libra though.

    I already follow both on FB. I now followed PJR on Twitter, and SIP on Twitter and Instagram!!

    Thanks as always for your great info!

  25. Kelly O.

    Thanks for this opportunity to try some incredible products!
    Taurus is my sign
    I’d like to try the Frankincense and Coriander lotion.
    Following PJR and SIP on Facebook and Twitter!

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  27. Kristen H.

    These products look amazing! I’m an Aries, and I’d love to try the Lemon & Neroli lotion.

  28. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I’m a Pisces, and I’ve love to try the Cancer scent.

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