Welcome, 2016!

posted by: Emily

Hey, there, 2016! We’re pretty excited about you. It’s gonna be a good year– both Jordan and I have exciting things planned.

The year isn’t even 2 weeks old and we have so much to report. First of all, if you haven’t entered our GIVEAWAY yet, you should stop reading this and go do that RIGHT NOW! It’s pretty amazing. Fragrance doesn’t get much better than Strange Invisible Perfumes, and the prize is worth $200!

Now, on to 2016 news! Here are some things we’re trying, loving, buying, and lusting after!

  1. Vintner’s Daughter


In case you’re been living under a rock or ignoring all things green beauty, Vintner’s Daughter has been hailed as “the face oil to end all face oils” and is basically reported to be the cure for acne, aging skin, fine lines, dullness, and pretty much any other skin affliction you can imagine. I first read about it here, but I wasn’t about to go off and buy it, because, oh yeah, it costs $185. Yeah. What’s a girl to do? Well, enter…

2. Beauty Heroes


Literally heroic, I saw that Beauty Heroes, a monthly subscription service for all things green and healthy beauty, was featuring Vintner’s Daughter in December. I wrote to the company, asking how big the sample was. The reply? It’s not a sample. It’s a full-sized, $185-worth, actual bottle of Vintner’s Daughter. YES, PLEASE! So I signed up, paid my $39, AND GOT MY VERY OWN BOTTLE OF VINTNER’S DAUGHTER at a tiny fraction of the retail price! I know!! (Review forthcoming– I haven’t tried it yet!)

The best thing about Beauty Heroes is that you can put your membership on hold and then decide month-by-month if you want to receive the featured product(s). For example, January’s is Osmia Organics, a company we met at Indie Beauty Expo. We loved these awesome ladies from beautiful Colorado, and they gave each of us several products to try, including the Black Clay Facial soap that’s one of the full-sized products Beauty Heroes is sending out this month. Since I already have, use, and love Osmia’s products, I kept my subscription on hold this month. Easy!

(Spoiler alert: both Jordan and I love it, AND both of our husbands love it! Win!)


3. I won a giveaway! from JoyProvisions.com, a brand-new green beauty luxury retail website!

Yes, bloggers enter other bloggers’ and websites’ giveaways, too! And, unlike Jordan, who has a gift for winning awesome stuff, I rarely ever win. But this time, I did! And I got $50 to spend at JoyProvisions.com to celebrate their grand opening.

What did I buy? EcoBrow defining wax and their defining brush. Review coming soon!

Eco-Brow-Defining-Wax-600x600.png Eco-Brow-Defining-Brush-600x600.png

4. Weleda Facial Care is on sale this weekend!


You’re welcome!

5. Last but not least, one of my big resolutions for 2016 is to conquer/care for the eczema on my hands. It always flares up in the winter, and it’s far worse since I had kids, since now I wash my hands about 87 times a day. This year, I’m not going to let it get so bad that I need medication for it. Last year, it got that bad, and I had to use all kinds of toxic, petroleum-based chemicals for it (thank goodness for modern medicine, but still!), because it was so far gone. This winter, I’m staying on top of it.

My dermatologist said the only thing to do is to Moisturize. My. Hands. Every. Single. Time. I. Wash. Them. Like, EVERY TIME. And I’m trying so hard. Luckily, Strange Invisible perfumes sent Jordan and me little bottles of ALL their lotions, so I’ve stationed them around my house, one by every sink, and I am really trying hard to keep my hands healthy and moisturized!


With Strange Invisible, it’s really a pleasure. I love ALL the scents. Right now, the Bergamot is high on my list, but really, they’re all fantastic.

So if you haven’t entered our giveaway yet, Do it! And you, too, can enjoy the beauty of Strange Invisible!



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3 responses to “Welcome, 2016!

  1. Happy new year 2016! Would love to try Vintner’s daughter oil :-). x

  2. Stephanie Bruce

    Hi Emily- Thanks for the 2016 update. I just wanted to put in a request that you or Jordan try and review some more low-cost options for face creams and serums. For example, I love the following two products: Bariani Face & Body Cream (which contains only 3 food grade ingredients — water, olive oil and beeswax) and Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques’ Organic Facial Serum (which is nut oil free and contains a ton of amazing organic oils that fight dry skin and wrinkles). Bariani’s face cream is only $7 for 2 oz. and Lauren Brooke’s facial serum is $24 for 1 oz. (but a little bit goes a long way). I’m sure Lauren Brooke’s serum is just as good as Vintner’s Daughter (if not better) and waaay less expensive. Thanks for your consideration and keep up the great work!

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