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Back in August, you might remember, we attended Product Junkie Heaven, aka The Indie Beauty Expo.

We were introduced to so many incredible brands there that we are still working on posting about each one. Do not see it as a lack of love or enthusiasm that we’re only just getting to write about Farmaesthetics now– it’s, hands-down, one of my favorites!

Here are three products from this non-toxic, luxury, sustainable, 100% natural and from-the-farm company that we absolutely adore, and think you will, too.

Nutrient Dense-800x980.jpg

Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil There are a lot of facial oils out there these days. Some have a thousand ingredients, some have only 3. Some make outlandish promises, or cost hundreds of dollars an ounce. Some come from local farms, some flown in from exotic locales all over the world. Some are so thin or gentle that they leave you wondering “did I moisturize my face?” ten minutes after applying.

And then, there is the Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil. Man, I just love it. It has 9 ingredients, 7 of which are certified Organic, and it is the most aptly-named product I’ve used. It’s not a particularly sexy word, but this oil is, in fact, dense. In a good way!

The packaging is minimalist, utilitarian, whatever, but that is also very appropriate, because it is what’s inside that you’re really paying for, and that you’re going to love.

This is the most moisturizing oil I’ve found in a long time, and yet it also absorbs well enough to wear during the day under makeup or without. I use it night and day, rain or shine, and it’s divine.


Fine Herbal Cleanser

I almost wrote this off at first, because it’s so simple, but now I cannot imagine living without it. It’s the most gentle-yet-effective cleanser I’ve tried. It has glycerin so it foams up a tiny bit, and it smells so refreshing and pure. It removes makeup without drying out my skin. I especially love to use it as a step-two in double cleansing, after an oil cleanser.

I bet it would work well following the Eyebright Eye Makeup Remover and Treatment Oil or the Calendula Remedy Oil, both of which I haven’t tried yet but want to!


Nourishing Lavender Milk

It seems from the website and other reviews that many people use this as a facial moisturizer, but I’ve been using it on my hands, and I’m pretty sure it’s cured my eczema! I can’t promise or prove it, but I’m fairly certain, and truly grateful. The scent is natural and soothing, and the consistency is perfect. It sinks in right away and leaves absolutely no greasy residue, which is what made me think of using it on my hands in the first place. I can put it on and then go about my life without leaving greasy handprints all over my home, computer, and children. And did I mention that I think it really cured my eczema??



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2 responses to “Farmaesthetics

  1. So nice to discover this brand…..sounds really simple yet effective! x

  2. ginger

    I’ve tried their midnight honey body oil and like it as well!

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