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posted by: Emily

When someone finds out that I write a natural beauty product blog, she often will ask me what products I’m actually using right now. The answer to that is constantly changing, as are the lotions and potions I’m loving, so every so often, I like to introduce you to new brands we’re discovering, or new products we love. Here are a few Jordan and I are into right now:

Isa’s Restoratives


Shortly after I “discovered” this ultra-local, super-healthy, herbal, Brooklyn-based brand at the Indie Beauty Expo, Catbird, my favorite boutique for delicate jewelry and various treasures, started carrying it. What can I say, we both have great taste, right? I’m particularly loving the Blue Beauty Balm, Elixir II, and, my ultra-fave, Liquid Gold Facial Serum. It really is liquid gold. I love it under makeup for the perfect canvas in the dry, harsh winter.


Petal and Leaf



Some day soon I will write a big ol’ post about my years-long quest for natural fragrances that a) last, and b) don’t smell of patchouli, but that’s a whole other thing. In the meantime, I will say THANK YOU to Petal and Leaf, for making simple, beautiful fragrances that are not over-complicated with 20 different notes, and that are actually affordable! All the ingredients are actually listed on the website/packaging, both of which are completely stunning, by the way, and everything about the line is 100% natural, non-toxic, and gorgeous.


As you would probably guess due to my love of Jasmine, my favorite scent is the Orange Blossom + Jasmine, but I also really like the Bergamot + Vanilla. Those are the only two I’ve sampled– there are 7 in total– so that’s a perfect record so far!

You can buy a sample set of all 7 for $16, including shipping!!!!, and each perfume is only $24, which, for a gorgeous, natural fragrance, is a true bargain! Go order the sampler now!!


RGB Cosmetics


Not only do I love this 5-free, vegan, gluten-free nail polish, but they also make a WONDERFUL, safe Nail Polish remover! It’s the only polish remover I’ve ever found that I can actually use inside my home without my whole family complaining about the smell. I even used it recently in the bathroom adjacent to my husband’s and my bedroom, right before we went to sleep, and neither of us could smell a thing! A miracle!


Also, we were recently invited to this amazing press breakfast announcing the launch of some new products from Decleor. We had yummy food, made flower arrangements, and got to learn a lot about Decleor‘s new anti-pollution products. Apparently this whole pollution thing is a real skin concern, as the very same day, Tata Harper also announced a new Purifying Mask which combats the effects of environmental pollution on one’s skin!


Here’s a picture of Jordan (l) and me (r) and the flower arrangements we made at the event with the help of the pros from NYC flower shop Florisity!




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