Current Obsessions

posted by Emily

Since we’re Product Junkies, we are always trying new things. As a result, we develop new obsessions with products on the regular! Periodically, I love to go through and tell you all what I’m using and loving at this moment. For even more regular updates, follow us on Instagram! We’re going to be doing a big giveaway on Insta very soon, so join up and follow!


Now, here are the things we just can’t get enough of lately:


All things May Lindstrom. There’s just not a dud among the lineup of this indie brand. May keeps the product list tight so there’s nothing that isn’t just perfectly fabulous. It’s all luxurious and every product smells better than the last. I’ll give a particular shout out to the Blue Cocoon and The Honey Mud cleansing silk, but honestly, I love everything.


ThinkBaby sunscreen for the whole family. It’s the only thing I put on my kids, and my husband and I use it, too. Nice, subtle orangey smell, and this stuff is more spreadable than most natural sunscreens! Also, their website provides great info on what makes sunscreen safe and how it all works!!!!


Isa’s Restoratives Immortelle Beauty Balm has become my go-to basic moisturizer. It’s like the perfect blend of an oil and a balm– not too heavy, not too runny. It smells good, but not overpowering. I use it all the time!


Axiology Lipsticks! So many colors! Amazing texture! And you have to read about the boxes the lipstick comes in— it’s a great story. My favorite shade: Worth. Try it! (All their products are organic, vegan, and awesome!)



Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation: OMG YOU GUYS. This stuff is incredible. It’s a serum, so you’re taking care of your skin while wearing makeup (which is kinda the dream, right?!) and it dries like a powder, so that’s one less product you need to add. And the coverage is just PERFECT. Email the Gressa team for help finding your shade, and/or try their new sampling program to see what shades work for you! (And bonus, you get to sample two Lip Boosts, which are top-notch, too!)



Innersense Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner. I have finally found the brand that works for my hair. These guys score incredibly low (that’s a good thing) on the EWG database. And they really work. It doesn’t get better than that.


Head over to our Instagram to see photos of me (Emily) using this great stuff and of the products in action! And let us know in the comments or on Instagram what you’re obsessed with right now!



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