Have/Love/Want: Face Balms

posted by: Emily




Have: Isa’s Restoratives Immortelle Beauty Balm



The only reason this is a “have” and not a “love” is that it’s basically un-scented. I’m pretty obsessed with strongly- and naturally- scented things these days, but if you’re not into strong scents, this one’s for you. It’s effective, it’s luxurious, and it’s really good to wear during the day under sunscreen!


Love: May Lindstrom Skincare’s Blue Cocoon



OMG. Seriously. It’s like heaven. It smells so amazing, but in an unexpected way, unlike anything else I’ve ever smelled. And it’s so healing! I use it on my face at night, but also dab a bit here and there, on patches of eczema or blemishes, and it’s so soothing. I adore this balm so much, and I literally have nightmares about running out of it!


Want: Leahlani Skincare Bless Beauty Balm



This one also smells incredible, in a totally different way than the Blue Cocoon. I got a sample of it recently and I’m hoarding it like you wouldn’t believe. I’m terrified of finishing the sample– I know I can order more– but it’s just so dreamy. Great for my face, but also incredible as a lip balm, where I can enjoy its scent right below my nose!, and as cuticle balm, etc. Check out the whole line of Leahlani Skincare, in fact. I recently discovered it and fell hard in love.

Bonus round:

from bottom to top:


Tata Harper Redefining Body Balm is great for all over, especially on stretch marks or pregnant bellies!

Zoe Organics Nipple balm, great for nursing moms!

One Love Organics Skin Savior Balm works so well as a makeup remover!

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