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Never can have too many products. Never can read too many reviews ūüôā

As many of you know, I also freelance as a beauty writer/beauty editor, and lately I’ve written several pieces for a site I particularly love. It’s called Well Rounded NY, and as you can guess from the name, it’s focused on pregnancy and parenthood. I write about beauty and healthy cosmetics for WRNY, but I truly believe that all of these product recommendations are applicable to, and important for, all humans. After all, shouldn’t we all be as safe and careful with our bodies as we are/would be with our developing babies?!


I discovered Leahlani Skincare through Well Rounded and now I’m OBSESSED!

Obviously, there are some things that aren’t pregnancy-safe that are perfectly safe for other people, but in general, I believe that if there’s an ingredient that’s considered “risky” for babies or fetuses, perhaps we should wonder about its safety for all of us.

Plus, I’ve gotten to review A TON of fun new products and brands that I think all you Product Junkies will love!


These are some of the awesome products I’ve gotten to review for WRNY. It has only increased my product junkie tendencies!


So check out these links, and follow us all on Instagram for additional features and recommendations.

xo Emily


Safe Sunscreens for your face!


A great SAFE sunscreen cheat-sheet! 


Want to green your routine for $100 or less? Here are many options!

Bug Spray Roundup:

All about Prickly Pear Seed Oil:

Stretch Mark Treatments (not just for new momsРgood skincare for all!)



Spice up your skincare:


And, most importantly, why I believe makeup MATTERS.


This body oil is great for stretch marks, but also for regular, daily use. And it’s shimmery! Love it!¬†


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