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Calling All Dreamsicle Lovers

Posted by:  Jordan

I just got home from visiting my mom in Chicago and she bought my baby the most incredible bath products: organic shampoo & body wash and baby lotion from Earth Mama Angel Baby.  It goes without saying that the ingredients are as clean as can be, and now my baby is too because I couldn’t stop bathing her, thanks to these addictive products!  I usually only bathe her every 2-3 days, but I was so in love with these products that I wanted to give her a bath every night so she’d smell just like a Dreamsicle.  The natural orange-vanilla scent was soft and sweet, not cloying and overpowering.  I also loved the design of the bottle with the self-foaming dispenser.  It makes washing her squirmy body even easier since the liquid soap is already foamed for you and you don’t lose a portion of the soap in the water.  I used this deliciously scented natural soap on myself, too, and I can attest that it doubles as a wonderful foaming shave cream for my legs.

After  bathing I applied the Angel Baby Lotion on my daughter’s skin and it was left soft and sweet-smelling.  Of course, I used it for myself too and love it as an everyday body lotion.  It has the perfect, non-greasy lotion consistency, the scent is addictive (have I mentioned yet that I love the orange-vanilla scent??), and it’s very moisturizing.  My skin usually dries out pretty quickly in the dry, cold Midwestern air, but this trip neither of us had any scaly, dry patches.  I reluctantly left these delightful products at my mom’s house so they would be there for our next visit, so I’m thinking that once we run out of our current supplies, we’re going to need some of these products at our house as well.

If you’re going to a baby shower, these would make a perfect gift along with a cute bath towel and wash cloths.  Ditch the cheap Johnson & Johnson standby lotions with synthetic fragrances and cancer-causing ingredients and upgrade to these healthy, gourmet-smelling products (remember to print out the $1 off coupon online!). And don’t just write these off as a baby product–I love them just as much for myself!



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So Thankful

Posted by: Jordan

You may have noticed a lull in posting on my part recently. There’s also been a severe lull in sleeping in our household for the past 3 weeks. But the reason for both is an excellent one since we welcomed our daughter–and the newest product junkie–to our family! Harlyn Annabelle was born on October 30th and our lives have been forever changed. I am beyond thankful that we get to be her parents.

Our precious girl loves her Weleda Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash during bath time

Other things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving:

doTerra lavender essential oil – My cousin gave me this pure essential oil–along with a bottle of fractionated coconut oil–as a baby gift. She advised me of all the ways the lavender oil can benefit baby (1-2 drops of essential oil per 2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil to dilute it for use on a baby; no need to dilute for adults). This oil alleviates fussiness, skin rashes, fever, earache, and most importantly for us recently, diaper rash. Our little girl already had her first case of diaper rash and after only a few days of using the diluted lavender oil on her sensitive skin, it has cleared up! She also loves when I use a little bit as a massage oil during an infant massage. I love the lavender oil rubbed on my temples and back of my neck when I have a headache–my tension headache immediately goes away (crying babies have a way with giving someone a tension headache from time to time!)

Tinted lip balm from Naked Eye Beauty – Emily and I received a sample of this amazing tinted lip balm from the line’s creator, Jen, last week. All week I’ve kept the balm on my bathroom sink and look forward to putting it on my lips. It is far and away the best tinted balm I’ve ever tried (sorry, Burt’s Bees, this blows you out of the water!) The rosy pinkish-red color is perfection–it brightens my face without screaming, “I just applied lipstick in order to make myself look less sleep deprived”. The consistency and smoothness make you want to constantly reapply it, even though the color miraculously lasts a surprisingly long time for a tinted balm. And my favorite part, other than the universally flattering color, is the scent. Jen uses rose and passionfruit flavoring and it’s reminiscent of a scent used in the lobby of a super-luxe tropical resort. Though the price isn’t super-luxe; only $6 for this little bit of happiness. Better yet, for the months of November and December all products in the Naked Eye Beauty line are 15% off by using code NEB15OFF. I want to try everything from this vegan all-natural skincare line, sold exclusively on Etsy. Guaranteed, I’ll be stocking up on these lip balms so I’m never without them ever again (also available in a coral color, which I’ve yet to try, but will definitely be ordering soon!). The lip balm doubles as a cream blush, which works great as a multi-tasker–essential in a new-mom makeup arsenal! Update: I ordered the coral color and I love it just as much as the rose!!! It’s equally flattering as the rose color but just a little less bright, more toned down. Love both of them!

Hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and blessed Thanksgiving!


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Posted by: Emily

Hello, world. I’m back.

For 3 months, I have been completely lost in the amazing, all-consuming world of my newborn daughter. She is an absolute delight, and I have been blissfully happy (and, let’s face it, pretty tired! But seriously, REALLY happy.). Until 3 months ago, I had spent my life always thinking ahead, dreaming long-term, setting goals that have nothing to do with “the moment” and everything to do with “the future.” Having a baby has forced me to live in the moment and appreciate each day, and that is the best gift Hallie could ever give me, besides her delicious smiles.

Each day with a newborn is just about moment to moment. It’s impossible to be on any kind of schedule with a brand-new baby (if you’re out there and you have figured out how to make that work, let me know!) so I learned to set smaller goals, and even to enjoy them. For example: at the beginning, my goal for the day may have been “today, I will feed my baby 8-10 times and change her diapers.” And that would be the only thing I had to do in a day. And at the end of that day, as my husband and I sank into bed, exhausted, Hallie swaddled and fed and sleeping peacefully in the co-sleeper attached to our bed, we’d look at each other and think, hey, today was a huge success! She ate, she slept, she’s happy and well. We did it.

It was such a refreshing change from my previous days spent type-A style worrying about the little things on my to-do lists that had, in my mind, huge, long-term implications in my career and life decades into the future. Suddenly, life was a little slower, a little smaller, and a lot happier.

Now, I know it can’t go on like that forever. Hallie will grow and I will have to think about more things than just feeding and changing her. In fact, I think one of the best things I can give her is an example of leading a full life. So I want to return to blogging and writing and acting and seeing friends and being a real grown-up, whatever that means, so that Hallie sees all that. But I hope I can always keep a sense of living in the moment, of defining success as taking care of myself and Hallie and my husband and loving them and enjoying the little things.

Now that I am resurfacing, there’s another surface I have to start thinking about again. My skin could use a little resurfacing. I have been sorely neglecting my skin since giving birth. Bad time to do so, since the huge surges and drops in hormones mean this is a crazy time for my skin. Not that I’ve noticed, or cared, until recently. And even now, I have to say I care a lot less than I used to, and that feels GREAT. But I still do care 🙂 I am still a product junkie!!!

For the first time since my early teens, I have given up moisturizing after every single shower. I know, gasp.  There’s just not time, and also, I don’t want to get moisturizer all over Hallie, and since I’m breastfeeding, we have a lot of skin-to-skin contact. (I do use all-natural and unscented body moisturizers, John Masters Bare and California Baby Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion, but still don’t want to get anything on Hallie’s perfect, untouched skin yet!) (Note: I am talking about giving up moisturizing my whole body after every shower, not my face– that is a “must” twice a day no matter what or I get that tight-skin-feeling).

Anyway, a side-effect of not moisturizing constantly (I’m just happy to get the shower in– forget the moisturizing!) is that I have all these little bumps on my skin in places where it’s really dry. I decided a few weeks ago that I needed a good body exfoliator. Before birth I’d previously been using a fabulous homemade sugar scrub recipe that Jordan taught me, but it can make the tub very slippery, so I decided to try something else that was a little easier to use when one is sleep-deprived and in a hurry. I bought Weleda’s Birch Body Scrub when they had their 50% off sumer sale and gave it a try.

Despite thinking that everything Weleda makes is perfect, I was skeptical at first. You see, the Birch Body Scrub feels so gentle and soft on my skin– I was kind of thinking that in order to be effective, a scrub would have to be really abrasive and harsh, and this one is not; the little scrubbing beads are smooth, not jagged. So to my delight, after a few uses followed by a little Skin Food on the really dry patches, the little bumps are going away! I am so impressed, but not surprised. After all, it’s Weleda. And I love the scent– fresh and woodsy.  Different from any other scents I have, and perfect for summer/fall.

Now I am in the market for a good facial exfoliator! Any suggestions out there? I’m tempted to use the Birch Scrub, but it clearly says “body” on it, and not “face,” so I am looking for something made for the sensitive skin on my face. Please post ideas for me in the comments, and I will try and review the suggestions! Feel free to suggest things you use and love, or suggest something you want me to try out for you so I can tell you how it works 🙂


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Product Junkies: The Next Generation

Posted by: Emily

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the Littlest Product Junkie, my daughter, Adrienne Hallie! Born May 30, she is 2 weeks old and already has a favorite product! Hallie adores Weleda Baby Calendula Diaper Care! We both love it– as per her pediatrician’s suggestion, we’ve been using it as preventative care, and she has had no diaper rash at all! And it smells terrific. Like mother, like daughter, Hallie loves Weleda! It is the only brand she uses! We can’t wait to try out the whole line of baby products as Hallie needs them! (Despite my product junkie status, babies don’t really need much in the way of products for the first few weeks, but we’ll get there!)


Happy family right after Hallie's birth

And more great news for the next generation of Product Junkies: Hallie is going to have a fellow Product Junkie/bosom friend: Jordan is also having a little girl!

Jordan visits Hallie

We can’t wait to share our love of healthy products with our daughters!!

Emily (aka Mama) and Hallie


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