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Don’t Sweat It

Posted by: Jordan

First of all, I’m sorry for the major hiatus in posting.  I had my 2nd child over the summer and it’s definitely been a juggling act!  Plus, who has the time to take care of themselves and try new products when just showering is a daily win?!  But my dear, thoughtful friend Emily met me for a bday lunch last month and gave me the MOST awesome bday gift ever and I’m OBSESSED and have to share all about it quickly while the baby naps!  Behold the best bday gift: Agent Nateur deodorant!  Granted, you really do have to have a special bond to know that giving the gift of deodorant isn’t going to offend the recipient, and Emily knew that I’d be thrilled to try this amazing new deodorant (that both our husbands also love, incidentally).  It’s chic, holistic, easy to use, and most importantly, SUUUUUUUPER effective.  As in, I don’t have to shower every day (shhhh!).  And y’all–my breastfeeding hormones usually leave me smelling pretty grody every morning.  Not when I have my Agent Nateur on, though!  Mama is ready to throw on her sweats and run the older child to school without offending passerbys on the sidewalk!  See?  Best gift ever–especially for a time-crunched mom! Or, really, anyone since there’s a LOT to sweat over in recent world news.  Lordy be.  At least there’s joy in this ridiculously amazing deodorant that won’t have you smelling rancid while marching in protest and calling your reps in congress.

Available in 3 scents:

No 3 holi(stick) –unisex (a very subtle lavender-eucalyptus)  This is the one I’m using and loving right now

IMG_1546.jpg (500×750)

No 4 Holi(rose) –Rose and sandalwood scent (next on my list to try!)

IMG_8826.jpg (800×1200)

No 5 holi(man) –a unisex but more manly scent with vetiver, rose, sandalwood, leather, and cedarwood

32067_1024x1024.jpg (800×800)

Now, onward with my unshowered but unstinky day!!!  Cheers to a happy and stink-free 2017!

UPDATE: Happy Valentine’s Day from PJR and Agent Nateur! We’re offering a special 15% off discount for PJR readers from now through 2/20/17 using code heart2017

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The Big Natural Deodorant Question

posted by: Emily

In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten three separate emails from readers about natural deodorant. It’s a popular question, and although we’ve posted about it in the past, it’s something we should probably address perpetually and often! New options come out regularly, and our tastes change as we change and try new things.

Here’s the current info on your Product Junkies’ deodorant preferences.



What I currently use:
1. First I layer on a swipe of DeodoMom  (I like the roll-on best).
It’s basically milk of magnesia. I’ve used it for years. It really works, and I love it. It’s unscented, which is especially great if you have a newborn baby or don’t love essential oils.
2. Then I layer on Bubble and Bee Pit Putty cream in Jasmint or Spearmint Tea Tree for a little scent and extra protection. I like most of these scents– you can order samples. **Important– it’s the CREAM not the stick!** I think the cream is the easiest to apply and is the most effective.
I find that combo is amazing and I’ve had absolutely no issues with odor!
I also love this one:
(Jordan uses it, and wrote about it here!)
BIG disclaimer on this one, though: I have psoriasis on my underarms (I know! ack!) and it’s easily kicked up by anything drying or with small particles. PiperWai is both. It’s too bad because this stuff WORKS– it’s definitely the best I’ve tried. And I can use a small amount every so often without side effects, but if I use too regularly, it irritates my arm pits and, boom!, psoriasis flare.
Here are some other brands to consider:
Soapwalla Deodorant Cream
I know so many people who swear by this, and it’s a really cool, Brooklyn company!
(and their sensitive version has magnesium hydroxide, so is much like my combo above:
Haven’t tried this one but the internets are IN LOVE with it. I haven’t tried because it contains raw honey which must be kept away from babies under 1 year in all forms, so I have been holding off. Now that my youngest is over a year, maybe I’ll try it… stay tuned!


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PiperWai Natural Deodorant

Posted by:  Jordan



Introducing my newest favorite natural deodorant: PiperWai.

A direct quote from my husband, “This is what I’ve been looking for my whole life.  I don’t want the aluminum and junk in my deodorant, you know, but until now I haven’t tried one that actually works all day for me.”  I usually do the majority of product testing around here, and if it’s something that I think works really well, and he might use too, I make him put it to the test.  Test was aced and PiperWai is now officially replacing my husband’s conventional “man cologne” smelling Speed Stick.

PiperWai was founded by two girl friends (much like myself and Emily) on a mission to find a healthier alternative to chemical-filled anti-perspirants that actually works all day and won’t irritate sensitive skin.  It’s the first deodorant on the market to use activated charcoal, which makes it super absorbent and odor-eliminating.  The cream rubs in clear and easily, and has a pleasant gender-neutral herbal scent.  Despite the initial weirdness I had for the play-doh like texture, after testing it for several weeks now, I can officially say that our family is in love with it.  I don’t often gush about natural deodorants, as there aren’t many on the market that work all day and keep both me and my husband from smelling too “natural”.  Sometimes I’ll try one and like it for a few days, but then the effectiveness starts to fade.  Not so with PiperWai.  I have a feeling it will be a permanent staple in our bathroom from now on.  If you’re still on the hunt for the ultimate natural deodorant for you and your family, I definitely encourage you to try this out!

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You Smell Like a Dream(sicle)

Posted by:  Jordan


Ever since I started using Earth Mama Angel Baby shampoo/body wash a year ago on my daughter, I’ve been obsessed with all things orange-vanilla scented.  The following are the things I’ve loved, liked, and would not-so-much buy again:


Shampoo/Body Wash from Honest

Honest body wash When I ran out of my Earth Mama Angel Baby body wash/shampoo, I decided to try Honest’s two-in-one version to see how it compared.  I love that it’s much cheaper (if you do the Family Bundle it comes to about $7 since it’s super sudsy a little bit goes a long way, so it will last forever).  I also love that it’s tear-free, whereas the Earth Mama Angel Baby is not.  I do miss the self-foaming dispenser of the Earth Mama Angel Baby body wash/shampoo, especially when using it on my daughter.  I even tried to put some of the Honest product into the EMAB dispenser but it was too thick and wouldn’t properly self-foam.  I also like how EMAB smells a little stronger of orange-vanilla.  But if you like a subtle scent, then the shampoo/body wash from Honest would be your best bet.


Body Oil from Honest

honest body oil 2 Also from Honest is the orange-vanilla scented body oil.  I love how this moisturizing oil absorbs quickly and is an amazing, sweet-smelling moisturizer for both my daughter and myself.  Like the body wash, it’s also on the low end of the smell-o-meter.  That said, after showering with the body wash and moisturizing with the oil, I can still smell a soft, subtle orange-vanilla scent on my skin 8 hours later.


Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash by John Masters

John Masters blood orange vanilla body wash I received a sample of this body wash and from the sounds of it (plus the beautiful packaging), I was imagining this body wash would be the more sophisticated, grown-up version of my Dreamsicle love affair.  It’s bright and citrusy thanks to the dash of grapefruit with the blood orange; and the bourbon vanilla adds a sweet, seductive undertone.  However, there was something about the smell that reminded me of something and I couldn’t quite place until it suddenly hit me after using it several times: Sweet Tarts.  From that point on, I no longer felt like I was having my grown-up love affair with orange-vanilla.




Orange-Vanilla Soy Candle from Honest

Honest orange vanilla candle Clearly Honest likes this scent as much as I do!  However, this is a rare miss from Honest since this soy candle smells like nothing.  I even lit it in my small bathroom and I still couldn’t smell it.  I love that it’s made with clean burning non-GMO soy and has no synthetic fragrances (ever since switching to all-natural products, I have serious aversion to all artificial scents.  Instant headache.), I just wish it had a bit more punch to it.


Orange Vanilla Pit Putty Cream from Bubble & Bee

Bubble and Bee orange vanilla pit putty cream I’ve saved my favorite dreamy(sicle) product for last…THIS DEODORANT IS MY NEW FAVORITE DEODORANT!  I’ve tried deodorants from Bubble & Bee before when I purchased the sampler pack, so I knew I loved the deodorant creams, but I hadn’t tried the orange-vanilla scent (I don’t think it was an option back when I was sampling them, otherwise I would have been all over that).  So what’s so amazing about this deodorant?  For starters, the scent is so Dreamsicley wonderful.  And applying it feels like a spa treatment because the cream’s consistency is super moisturizing, soft, and spreadable.  I honestly think my arm pits breathe a sigh of relaxation as I massage this silky cream into them.  But of course, this is deodorant we’re talking about, and the #1 criteria is that it makes you not smell like you live on a commune.  This stuff really works all day long.  And I put it to the test, hauling a toddler/diaper bag/stroller through the subway on the worst of the NY humid 90 degree days a few weeks ago.  I still smelled sweetly citrusy by the end of the day.  Of course, since it’s all natural it’s not an antiperspirant, so you will still sweat.  You’ll just smell like a Dreamsicle when you do!

If you enjoy this  summery scent as much as I do, let me know what all-natural Dreamsicle-scented products I should try next!

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Poetic Pits Natural Deodorant (Plus a Giveaway!)

Posted by:  Jordan


One of our in-the-know readers, Serena, told us that we absolutely must try this deodorant, Poetic Pits, because she loves it so much.  Her review was so compelling (my favorite line:  “Once I was in a restaurant only wearing the petal [scented deodorant] and someone at the table next to me kept raving about my perfume.  I did not want to tell her that she was mistaken–I was not wearing a perfume, it was just my deodorant!”) that we immediately reached out to Living Libations right away to see if we could sample a few of the scents to review.  They generously sent us four scents to try out: Palo Santo, Petal, Radiant Earth, and Rose.

Poetic Pits Rose

The Rose scent is both my and Emily’s favorite of the ones they sent, but the Lavender and the GigerLily both sound beautiful too!  So, here’s the best part: they actually work as a deodorant!  And these tiny little bottles will last you forever because you only need a swipe or two per arm.  I often wear it to the gym and I smell lovely the entire workout.

The idea behind these deodorants is totally revolutionary; they use just very powerful essential oils to work with your body chemistry to act as an “odorant” instead of a “deodorant”.  I was a little skeptical that they would work after my numerous trials in natural deodorants, but they truly do keep odors away.

There are a couple things to note with this natural deodorant, though.  The first is that if you don’t like the scent of sandalwood, you probably won’t be a huge fan of the scents of these deodorants. All four of the scents we tried are extremely strong on the sandalwood oil and very potently scented–which is what makes them so effective–but it could be a turnoff to some.  The other thing that Emily and I found in testing these is that if you wear them all day and then don’t shower at night, you will stink to high heaven in the morning.  I’m not sure what it is, but we both agreed that we smelled HORRIBLE if we didn’t shower at night after wearing this deodorant the whole day.  So just be prepared to either shower before bed or right when you wake up the next morning!  Other than those two things, these powerful little “odorants” are pretty rockin’!

So who wants to test these amazingly effective deodorants out for yourself??  I have two to give away–Petal and Radiant Earth.  Both are the 10ml size, worth $70!!!!  Just leave a comment below to be entered.  For bonus points, share this post on Facebook or Twitter so your friends can enter to win too!  The giveaway will end at the end of the week on Friday, April 5th at midnight EST.  The two winners will be announced on Saturday (sorry, continental US mailing address entries only this time!)  Good luck and please continue to keep us informed of all your favorite natural products!


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Happy Shopping Holiday (and, oh yeah, Thanksgiving, too!)

Posted by: Emily

I have been so excited about seeing my family at Thanksgiving that I forgot that the biggest shopping holiday of the year is fast approaching, too! Gone are the days, for me, of actually going to a physical store on Black Friday (a toddler and traveling make this impossible, not to mention the crowds!) so I rely heavily on Cyber Monday deals to take advantage of this annual retail insanity.

This year, we want to introduce you to a new brand, which became one of our VERY favorite brands as soon as we tested it out. It’s called Nourish, and it’s USDA Certified Organic, Oregon Tilth certified, Gluten free, Vegan, CCIC Cruelty-free, packaging is made with at least 25% post-consumer recycled content, and everything is recyclable. Um, are you hooked yet? How about this: IT’S AFFORDABLE!!

And if it weren’t already incredibly reasonably priced, it is getting better starting now: Their website is doing “Green” Friday and Cyber Monday discounts! Here are the deals:

‘GREEN’ Friday: 25% off and free shipping using promo code “GREEN” at check out on

Cyber Monday: 50% off all Nourish Products using promo core “CYBER” at check out on

(*tip from PJR: Um, wait till Monday, folks!)

Jordan and I have been using and loving these products for months now. Nourish sent us 4 to try and we’ve been raving about them to each other and to our husbands (and to anyone who will listen!).

Here are the ones we’ve tried and loved:

Organic Body Butter in Fresh Fig I am addicted. Best body butter I’ve tried in ages, hands down. It is the first one that has made me not miss The Body Shop’s body butters of my past. In fact, it’s better than The Body Shop’s butters. Seriously amazing, and inexpensive for something this organic and this awesome. BUY IT NOW. Buy 3– they have deals when you order more than one product on line, plus see above codes for ADDITIONAL discounts. You can’t go wrong.

*note: the Wild Berries and Fresh Fig scents are very strong. Might want to start with unscented or Lavender Mint if you’re sensitive. All the scents are good, some just stronger and sweeter than others.

Organic Body Lotion in Wild Berries: Seriously amazing, luxurious, but the scent is very sticky-sweet. Lotion is fantastic, though. See above note and try it in a scent you think you might like, or start with unscented.

*these products are available at Whole Foods if you want to test the scents. Isn’t that awesome?! 

Organic Hand Wash in Almond Vanilla: I love this. What’s not to love? It’s organic, it’s gentle, it’s effective. It’s soap. It smells wonderful. It makes you clean. It’s cold and flu season– buy some soap!

Organic Deodorant in Lavender Mint: This is the only Nourish product I didn’t obsessively love. But it’s not Nourish’s fault– you all know I have a complicated relationship with Natural Deodorants. Sigh. But I LOVE this scent, and Jordan LOVES this deodorant, and since she’s the expert, I’d say that’s good for the 90% of you who don’t share my irritation issues with natural deodorants.

So go forth and shop! Enjoy. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by love and food and friends.


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Natural Deodorant Giveaway: DeodoMom

posted by: Emily

In case you missed the big announcement, I’ve found a natural deodorant that actually works for me and doesn’t cause irritation! It’s a miracle!

The generous folks at 30someWeeks, makers of DeodoMom, are sponsoring a giveaway for us– 4 of you will win your own full-sized DeodoMom cream (2 roll-ons, 2 jars)! Many of you have already entered, and if you haven’t done so yet, please post in the comments here and let us know that you want to win. For extra chances to win, post on Facebook about it (tag us in the post, @Product Junkies Rehab) or tweet about it and tag us (@PJunkiesRehab).

The contest will end Monday night at 11:59pm, so enter before then and tell all your friends (especially those you want to smell good!) and we will announce the winners later in the week.

In the meantime, here’s more about the wonderful DeodoMom cream and how we’re using it.

– The website says that women tend to prefer the jar, applied with their fingers, and the roll-on is popular among men and women. I personally use the roll-on; I hate to get my hands “dirty” (you could eat this deodorant, so it’s not really dirty, but it’s just one more thing to clean my hands from). My husband actually likes the jar, so go figure! The short answer is that both work well and get the job done.

– You can apply DeodoMom after shaving. As I’ve mentioned, I have had extreme irritation from every other natural deodorant I’ve tried, even when avoiding applying post-shave, but this one has not irritated my skin at all. Like I said, a miracle!

– I like to add my own scent to it. I recently got some EO Organic Deodorant spray to try out– it’s just alcohol and essential oils. It wouldn’t work for me by itself as a deodorant, but I have started using it as a “pit perfume” over the unscented DeodoMom just for it’s lovely scent. I was given the spray in Vetiver, which smells incredible.  I received the spray as part of Green Grab Bag, a subscription service like BirchBox, but for all-natural products. More on that coming soon– we’ll be reviewing a few such subscriptions, including Green Grab Bag, Conscious Box, and Goodebox.  Stay Tuned!

– If you don’t win the giveaway– and I wish you all could– and still want to try DeodoMom, the deodorant is very affordable. The Jar is $10, the Roll-on is $12, and if you buy in bulk, you get a discount. The jar or roll-on usually lasts about 3 months. So we’re talking under $50 a year for natural, safe deodorant. Pretty good!

– 30SomeWeeks has a great FAQ page about the deodorant if you want to know more! And P.S. they’re a family-owned company– bonus!

UPDATE:  Great news!!  The good people of DeodoMom have created a special secret page on their website just for our readers where you can buy their products at a discount!  Check it out here.  Don’t drag your feet, though–this discount will only be accessible until the end of September, 2012.


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The Search is OVER! (For me, at least). The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 10: DeodoMom

Posted by: Emily

You might have noticed, than in the past 2+ years of our search for a natural deodorant, that I’ve been pretty quiet on the topic, letting Jordan do most of the research and reporting. It’s not that I haven’t tried a lot of natural deodorants myself; on the contrary, I’ve tried many. They just haven’t worked for me. None of them.

Well, I take that back. Some have worked well, like Soapwalla, but it, along with all the other natural deodorants I’ve ever tried, really irritated my skin. Yes, you heard correctly. I, one of the ultimate natural product junkies, am allergic to something in most natural deodorants. This is where Alanis Morissette would say it’s “ironic,” but if you ask me, it just stinks. Literally.

I’ve tried all kinds of things– using Soapwalla only every OTHER day to minimize irritation; using plain coconut oil, which, by the way, does NOT work; a week-long break from putting anything at all on my armpits (you did not want to be near me that week, even though it was the dead of winter!), making my own deodorant and tweaking the recipes to try and make it gentle… the list goes on and on. I finally resorted to using conventional deodorant, since that was the only thing that didn’t leave me with a rash.

Until now. I have found the solution, people. A natural deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS and does not irritate my apparently incredibly sensitive armpits. The folks from got in touch with us a few months ago and offered to send us some samples of their DeodoMom Cream. (They actually sent us each full-sizes of both the Jar and the Roll-on– so nice!)

I was hesitant at first to even try it– I mean, who wants red, irritated armpits AGAIN? But Jordan tried it first, and encouraged me to use it for a few days and see how it worked.

For the 2 weeks that followed, I sent Jordan a series of emails, with subject lines like: WTF??? THIS WORKS, and SERIOUSLY? HOW DOES IT WORK?, and OMG, REALLY??????, and finally WOW. IT WORKS. I received similar texts from my husband, who was intrigued and decided to try out the cream. “Um, what’s in this? It actually works. What’s the catch?” he texted from work one 100+degree day. Yes, I should specify, we tested this deodorant over the past few months. In gross, record-breaking, New York City summer heat.

AND IT WORKS! Turns out, the main ingredient– the only ingredient besides water– is Magnesium hydroxide – a mineral safe enough to eatYes, that’s right– that’s Milk of Magnesia. (Note: Jordan tried Milk of Magnesia once as a deodorant on its own, to limited avail, so if you’re interested in trying this, we really recommend DeodoMom’s cream– something about the concentration and the right amount of water and the consistency of the cream helps it work.)

So, the product was developed to be safe for pregnant women, and named as such, but all kinds of people use it, my husband included, so do not be deterred if you’re not a mom, or not a woman. They should call it “IT REALLY WORKS” cream or something. (Yeah, I know, I’m working on the name.) The packaging is very plain and simple, not too glam, but the point is that the deodorant actually works, and it has no bad chemicals or anything– it has only two ingredients! It’s unscented, but you can always add essential oils on your own if you wish.

And the news just keeps getting better: The generous people at Some30Weeks have offered to do a GIVEAWAY! Four of our lucky readers will each win a DeodoMom cream– 2 jars and 2 roll-ons!!! So please post in the comments here and tell us that you want to be entered to win a deodorant that really works! We will also give bonus entries to anyone who tweets about this contest (we’re @PJunkiesRehab, and let us know in the comments here if you do so), or posts on Facebook about it. Please spread the word– people need to know about this deodorant!

UPDATE:  Great news!!  The good people of DeodoMom have created a special secret page on their website just for our readers where you can buy their products at a discount!  Check it out here.  Don’t drag your feet, though–this discount will only be accessible until the end of September, 2012.


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The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 9.2 – Bubble and Bee Deodorant Creams

Posted by:  Jordan

This is my final installment in the Bubble & Bee deodorant series (see the reviews of the stick and spray versions), and I think I’ve saved the best for last.  I LOVE these deodorant creams so much!  They work (for me…keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different) just as well as the DIY deodorant and Soapwalla, which are my two favorite natural deodorants thus far.  Are we starting to see a trend here with the cream form of deodorant coming out on top?  But the one difference I’ve found is that they don’t cause any skin irritation!  I’m lucky in that none of the deodorant creams have irritated my skin, so I like to have Emily and our friend, Amy, test them to make sure they don’t give them irritation.  Both Emily and Amy agreed that there was little irritation.  Amy actually did experience a small amount of redness after a few days of using the creams–like a small rash–so she wisely emailed Bubble & Bee to ask for their feedback.  They responded with a surprising suggestion, but one that totally makes sense (and according to Amy, this advice works!  No irritation ever since!).  They said the irritation is caused not by the baking soda in the product (which we were all assuming was the culprit), but from a condition called Intertrigo.

“Intertrigo is caused by skin-to-skin friction, and is common in moist areas of skin in areas such as the groin, between folds of skin on the abdomen, under the breasts, under the arms or between toes.  The simple rubbing together of the skin creates friction and thus irritation and red skin.  Applying more product should actually help with this problem, as the powder helps to alleviate the friction. “

Who would have guessed that using MORE product would actually help the situation?!  The other thing I love about the deodorant creams is how smooth and silky the consistency is.  It rubs in easily with absolutely no white residue, which was my complaint with the Pit Putty stick.

I purchased the Pit Putty Cream sampler pack, which gives you six sample-sized deodorant creams in various scents to try out.  I loved trying each of the scents and deciding which was my favorite.  I think my absolute favorite is the Spearmint & Tea Tree scent.  It brings back memories of my childhood because it smells just like Wrigley’s spearmint gum!  Here’s a rundown on all of the scents I tried, in order of favorite to least favorite

  1. Spearmint & Tea Tree – fresh, long-lasting scent with an odor-fighting power that lasts all day for me
  2. Jasmint – it was a close runner-up to the Spearmint & Tea Tree.  Such a pretty, fresh scent
  3. Geranium & Lime – love it just as much as the other versions (stick and spray) but I found I liked the freshness of the mint scents even more
  4. Lemongrass
  5. Lemon & Clove
  6. Super Pit Putty (too much patchouli for my likes)
So, to sum up the Bubble & Bee deodorants, they all worked really well for me, but I love the creams the best!  Give them a try and let us know what you think.  You really can’t go wrong with any of the three forms of Bubble & Bee deodorant because of their amazing Deodorant Guarantee/Exchange Policy!


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The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 9.1 – Bubble and Bee Deodorant Spray

Posted by:  Jordan


This is a continuation of my test trials with the highly recommended (by our readers!) Bubble & Bee organic deodorants.  As I mentioned in my last review of the Pit Putty, they carry three variations of their deodorant: stick, spray, and cream. 
I have to start out by admitting that I went into trying the Geranium Lime spray deodorant not expecting for it to work at all.  So, why did I buy it, one might ask?  Well, I loved the Geranium Lime scent in the Pit Putty so much that I thought maybe it would just be a nice summer-y body spray, seeing as though the ingredients are just alcohol and essential oils.  Sounds like a body spray to me–certainly not a deodorant worth even trying on a cold day.  But try I did, and I’m so pleased–I can’t believe this stuff actually works for me!  I was expecting it to be, as Emily said when testing out the Dr. Hauschka deodorant, “Arm Pit Perfume.”  Meaning, it smells nice, but it’s not actually that effective at battling body odors unless you plan on simply sitting on your couch all day doing nothing.
So even with my negative outlook going into it, I am in shock that this stuff is actually working for me!!!   I have no idea how something so simple is working, but I’m not going to question it.  I’ll just accept that it’s working for me (and will of course update you if anything changes and it stops being effective).  It’s so easy to use too–much quicker and less messy to apply than the creams I’ve been using–just a quick spritz to each armpit, plus one on my neck because it just smells so uplifting, and I’m ready.  After using this deodorant for a week, it hasn’t failed me yet–through some super muggy days, too.  Occasionally I’ll refresh the deodorant spray in the late afternoon, but not really because it’s necessary–more because I just love the fragrance! 
I’m excited to start testing out the cream deodorants next.  As one reader recommended, she likes to layer the deodorant spray underneath a pea-sized dollop of the cream for an extra dose of odor fighter.  Stay tuned for a review of the creams–I have very high hopes!


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