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The PERFECT Tinted Moisturizer

Posted by:  Jordan

It is a goal of mine to try every Eminence product there is because I have yet to try one that is less than perfect.  My latest trial, the new Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 25, is hands down the best tinted moisturizer ever.  I challenge anyone to find a better one because it truly is perfection.

There have been a lot of “BB Creams” introduced in the Western market this year, and I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of sick of the bubbly 17 year olds on the big cosmetic companies’ commercials gushing about how her 8-in-1 BB Cream does it all, from brightening her skin (is a 17-year-old’s skin not bright enough?) to providing powerful anti-aging protection.  What in that petroleum-based, paraben-packed ingredient list provides anti-aging protection, other than sunscreen?  Personally, I’m tired of the whole “BB Cream”…maybe it’s just the name that makes me think it’s all just a gimmick.

Eminence blessedly spared me the fingernails-on-chalkboard annoyance by not calling their new  organic tinted moisturizer with SPF a “BB Cream.”  Thank you for taking the high road and not giving in to fads, Eminence.  Now, their ingredient list truly is something to make a 17 year old gush (as well as a 33-year-old like myself).  Here are some highlights, but of course the rest of the list is completely natural and meets Eminence’s high quality standard.

  • Linden Tea: supplies bioflavonoids, nourishes, hydrates, and rejuvenates the skin
  • Shea Butter: moisturizes and repairs the look of skin
  • Aloe: soothing and refreshing
  • Corn Germ Oil: enriches, supports and increases moisture levels within the skin
  • Jojoba Oil: supports and hydrates with one of the best absorption rates
What makes me love this product so much is its lightweight, fresh-smelling formula that gives me just enough coverage to make me feel like I applied foundation without the feel of heavy, greasy foundation.  It’s the perfect addition to your Fall beauty routine because I know I’m a little less vigilant about applying sunscreen daily, and this is like a sheer tint of skin-perfecting color that just happens to have some sun protection hidden inside…kind of like those brownies that sneak fruits and vegetables in them.  (If anyone tries this recipe, let me know…I’ve been meaning to test them out!)  I ordered the Vanilla Latte color, which blends in perfectly to my fair skin.  Thank you, Eminence, for never letting me down!  I had my eyes on this product for months and, as predicted, it was nothing short of perfection.


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Weleda Makes My Life Easier (Plus a Giveaway!)

Posted by:  Jordan

Our love affair with all things Weleda is no secret–they simply can’t do wrong in our book.  So when they launch new products, Emily and I can’t wait to get our hands on them because we know they won’t disappoint.  And since their products are so amazing, they seldom change them or launch new products, which makes new Weleda goodies all the more exciting.  We’ve got a couple great new items to review, plus a giveaway–our favorite!!!

First up is the One Step Cleanser and Toner.  I’ve been loving this cleanser for its ease.  It really does simplify my morning routine.  When I get up in the morning I never feel fully awake until I brush my teeth and wash my face, so anything that simplifies my morning is an automatic winner.  This cleanser/toner hybrid does just that.  I shake a few drops in the palm of my hand (the consistency is very liquidy) and rub it onto my dry face.  I then splash my face with cool water and I’m done.  No working up a lather, no extra step of adding a toner–I just move on to a tinted SPF moisturizer and some mascara and I’m good for a day of playing with an active little one.  The ingredients are simple and pure and the scent is refreshingly citrusy.  I will say that this is my morning only cleanser (or a makeup-free day cleanser) as I don’t think it removes makeup very well.  I usually prefer a foaming cleanser at night, or occasionally I’ll use a bar soap followed by this cleanser/toner.  Also, and I’m hesitant to even admit this, but since I usually shower at night I will often splash a little of this product under my arms to eliminate any odors before applying deodorant in the morning!  Is that too much information?  Oh well, we passed that point ages ago when I discussed all my natural deodorant trials!

 Also new from Weleda is their line of four body lotions.  They’ve changed the packaging and formulation, plus added a couple new scents to their old line of body lotions and I love all the changes.  They utilize a new Bag in Bottle technology, and an airless dispenser design to protect the formula from discoloration, clumping or clogging and extend shelf life. The pump is an airless system that works with depression – when it is pumped, the bag is tightened until it is empty. Also, the low weight adds a positive impact on the environment.  But the real treat is the lotion itself.  All four scents–citrus, wild rose, pomegranate, and sea buckthorn–are delightful.  The lotion consistency can be deceiving because it’s very thin, so your immediate thought is that it won’t moisturize all day, but that worry is dispelled after the first use.  These lotions are simply fantastic, and I always say if you’re just beginning your natural product switchover, body lotions are the perfect place to start since they go on the largest part of your body, so it’s extra important to use a high quality, natural product since your skin absorbs a lot of what’s put on it.

Ready for the best news?  We have a full-size bottle of Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion to give to one lucky reader!  I love all the scents, but I think citrus is my favorite, followed closely by pomegranate.  Just leave a comment below by Sunday, 9/9 and we’ll pull a random winner to be announced on Monday, 9/10/12.  Bonus entries: one extra entry if you like Product Junkies Rehab on Facebook, and another entry if you like Weleda’s facebook page.  Just let us know in the comments if you’re fans of either/both.  Good luck!


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Just Say No to Petroleum-Based Products! Review: Waxelene and Egyptian Magic

Posted by:  Jordan

We all know that we should start looking at the ingredients in our beauty products and paying attention to what we put on our skin and, hence, in our bodies.  Why exactly should we be concerned about petroleum-based products?  This is a really good, succinct article that will explain why, for health, beauty, and environmental reasons, we should be avoiding petroleum.  So what should the Vaseline addicts use?  I have some great suggestions!

 Waxelene is a fantastic moisturizing balm with so many uses.  The local, sustainable ingredients are pure and simple: Organic Soy Oil, Beeswax, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Organic Rosemary Oil.  It’s a great deal too–a huge 9 oz jar costs $15.99 on Amazon. So you can really lather this stuff on and not feel guilty about how much it costs.  I love using it as a super-rich hand cream, a lip moisturizer (I like to put a small amount into an old lip balm jar with a couple drops of lavender essential oil), an incredible overnight foot cream, a makeup remover, a flyaway hair tamer, a sunless tanner barrier (if you’re into that…I encourage you to just embrace your natural skin color though.  Who knows what chemicals you’re breathing and putting on your skin with sunless tanners!), a diaper rash barrier for baby…I could go on, but why don’t you just check out their list of suggested uses!  Summed up, this stuff rocks.  I think it’s a necessity in every household, but especially one with a baby when you’re washing your hands ten million times a day and need a heavy-duty moisturizer lest you have hands that are dry, cracked, and looked like you’re the baby’s great-grandmother rather than the parent!

Egyptian Magic is an ideal all-purpose moisturizer–less thick and Vaseline-y feeling than Waxelene, yet amazingly hydrating.  The ingredient list is similar to Waxelene, but just a bit more exquisite with the addition of the super-luxe ingredient, royal jelly.  Ingredient list: olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis extract (the resin from bee hives). A little goes a long way with this stuff, which is good since a 4 oz jar costs $36.  The consistency is that of a jelly; however, as soon as it’s warmed in your hands it becomes an oil, which we all know is the best way to moisturize.  Skin loves oil.  And I love Egyptian Magic.  It has a cult-like following, including stars such as Madonna and Kate Hudson.  Some of the testimonials are bordering on fanatical they’re so devoted to this stuff.  I admit that I bought this cream after being sold on how this “miracle cream” can cure whatever ails you–eczema, acne and old acne scars, burns, fever blisters,  warts, bug bites, crow’s-feet, etc. Perhaps I’m a little cynical–I’m not completely convinced that this stuff is quite as magical as some of the testimonials, but is it an incredible natural moisturizer worth every cent?  Absolutely!  I’m also in love with the outdated packaging.  Kind of reminiscent of kooky Dr. Bronner’s packaging, which of course leads me to believe that they actually put their money into the product’s quality ingredients instead of marketing and advertising.

So please, get rid of that cheapo Vaseline and get a product that is healthier for you and the environment.  Choose your (organic) poison and let us know if you discover any miracles!


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The Replacements are here!

posted by: Emily

If you’re like me, and you grew up using products like Vaseline and Aquaphor, you might miss them once you’ve gone green. I don’t miss the toxic part of the ingredients, or the not-at-all-earth-friendly aspect, but I have to admit that petroleum products (aka petrolatum, petroleum jelly, paraffin) are really great moisturizers, and I miss that part. For years, I thought there was nothing like it in the natural product world.

But recently, I have discovered NOT ONE, but TWO! new petroleum alternatives that really work and are good for you! Both are technically marketed as baby products, which is how I discovered them, but I assure you they are great well-beyond their uses on little ones.


The first is from our beloved Weleda: Calendula Weather Protection Cream. (Full disclosure: Weleda sent us this product for free to try on our babies, but I had purchased a tube of it myself long before then and was loving it before we got the free one from them.)

It’s called a “cream” but it’s more like a gel, a little more oily (in a good way) than the texture of Aquaphor. Spreadable, great-smelling, and, as promised, incredibly moisturizing. I used it on my daughter’s wind- and cold-burned cheeks during the winter when the pediatrician suggested Aquaphor. It worked amazingly well and the smell is so soothing and restorative. So I started using it on my hands, chapped from way too much washing. It worked like a charm. Both my daughter and I love it year-round, regardless of the titular weather.



The other product that I LOVE as a petroleum-product replacement is Honest Healing Balm. It’s from a new company you might have heard about, The Honest Company. Read all about them here— they are a great company. You will be hearing A LOT more about them from us, as both Jordan and I have sampled products from them and loved every single one of them. We purchased their sampler packs– they send you travel-sized versions of many of their products for FREE other than shipping costs. I highly recommend doing that, and also trying their diapers if you have a kiddo in diapers in your life.

All their products are natural, non-toxic, many are organic, and all and have pure, wonderful ingredients. Many are unscented, and all are extremely effective. Their packaging is sustainable, and the company is partnered with a non-profit to provide for babies in need. We’ll be posting more reviews soon.

The Healing Balm is advertised as “soothing protection & relief for diaper rash and sensitive skin” and is “Hypoallergenic / Clinically tested / Pediatrician Recommended / Vegetarian / Sensitive for Everyday Use.” I have found it works great as an all-purpose moisturizer, healer, and protector. It’s texture is almost exactly like Aquaphor– thick and rich. Not as easily spreadable as the Weleda, but still plenty spreadable. My only complaint is that even though it’s “unscented” it has a faint odor I don’t totally love– nothing bad, just a natural oil scent. It probably won’t bother anyone else (my husband doesn’t smell it) but I’m very odor-sensitive since having my daughter. Blame hormones, what can I say?


I tried out both of these products simultaneously for comparison and can say they work equally well. First, I did one on each hand, and was thrilled to find that even the next time I washed my hands– with soap– the balms worked as moisture-providing barriers and water beaded up on my skin keeping my hands from getting dried out. From my many other uses of both balms, I know they both healed the cracks and scrapes on my over-washed hands practically over night.

I then tested the balms on my legs, one on each to compare. I tested them right after shaving, which often irritates my severely dry skin, even in summer. Both did an excellent job of immediately providing relief from irritation post-shave, and hours later, my legs were equally still moist from the balms. The next day, both legs were STILL moist, and never were they particularly greasy.

I highly recommend both of these products, whether you have a baby in your life or not!


** Special note: Weleda has new products on their site: New natural Body Lotions! I haven’t tried them yet, but I just ordered the sampler from for $13.95. I can’t wait to try them all (and post a review for you)! And if you order another product and spend more than $30, you get a free Refining Toner (worth $17)! And if you buy another product and spend more than $50, shipping is free as always.

While you’re shopping on line, order Honest’s free trial– I don’t know how long they’re going to do it. It’s $4.95 for shipping and you get both body products and home-cleaning products to try! They’re great! You have to sign up for a monthly delivery but can cancel any time.


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Calling All Dreamsicle Lovers

Posted by:  Jordan

I just got home from visiting my mom in Chicago and she bought my baby the most incredible bath products: organic shampoo & body wash and baby lotion from Earth Mama Angel Baby.  It goes without saying that the ingredients are as clean as can be, and now my baby is too because I couldn’t stop bathing her, thanks to these addictive products!  I usually only bathe her every 2-3 days, but I was so in love with these products that I wanted to give her a bath every night so she’d smell just like a Dreamsicle.  The natural orange-vanilla scent was soft and sweet, not cloying and overpowering.  I also loved the design of the bottle with the self-foaming dispenser.  It makes washing her squirmy body even easier since the liquid soap is already foamed for you and you don’t lose a portion of the soap in the water.  I used this deliciously scented natural soap on myself, too, and I can attest that it doubles as a wonderful foaming shave cream for my legs.

After  bathing I applied the Angel Baby Lotion on my daughter’s skin and it was left soft and sweet-smelling.  Of course, I used it for myself too and love it as an everyday body lotion.  It has the perfect, non-greasy lotion consistency, the scent is addictive (have I mentioned yet that I love the orange-vanilla scent??), and it’s very moisturizing.  My skin usually dries out pretty quickly in the dry, cold Midwestern air, but this trip neither of us had any scaly, dry patches.  I reluctantly left these delightful products at my mom’s house so they would be there for our next visit, so I’m thinking that once we run out of our current supplies, we’re going to need some of these products at our house as well.

If you’re going to a baby shower, these would make a perfect gift along with a cute bath towel and wash cloths.  Ditch the cheap Johnson & Johnson standby lotions with synthetic fragrances and cancer-causing ingredients and upgrade to these healthy, gourmet-smelling products (remember to print out the $1 off coupon online!). And don’t just write these off as a baby product–I love them just as much for myself!


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Quick Fixes and Multi-Taskers: Essentials for a New Mom

Posted by:  Jordan

Apologies for the lack of posts…the end of 2011 has been hectic with a new baby, so not only have I had less time to blog, but I’ve also unfortunately had less time to test out new beauty products.  My daughter is currently napping on my husband’s chest, so I’m taking the gift of a few quiet minutes to updates you guys on a few of my favorite products that I haven’t yet had a chance to report on.

As a new mom, spare time for myself is a luxury.  So any product that is a multi-tasker is a huge plus.  Multi-tasking is what Skin and Bones excels at.  Skin and Bones is a company that sells only two products–a cleanser and a moisturizer–and handy products they are.  The 100% natural and vegan cleanser is a face and body cleanser with just a touch of exfoliating black jojoba beads, so this one product can replace your face cleanser, body cleanser, and exfoliator.  Think of this cleanser as a really glamorous alternative to Dr. Bronner’s.  Note:  Like Dr. Bronner’s, I don’t recommend this product as a shampoo replacement (even though Skin & Bones doesn’t advertise it as a shampoo on their website, I wanted to give it a try for test purposes).  It’s not terrible, and it would do in a pinch, but it left my fine hair too heavy and greasy looking.  However, on the night I tested this cleanser as a shampoo, my husband commented–out of the blue, not knowing I had tested out a new “shampoo”– that my hair looked nice and had a lot of body (I didn’t even know he knew that hair could have “body”).  He doesn’t normally seem to notice things like when I haven’t washed my hair in 3 days, so to have him comment on it said something.  So there you go!  To each his own.

The other Skin and Bones product is their 100% organic all-purpose moisturizing oil.  This oil can be used as a body/face/cuticle/hair moisturizer, a massage oil, an invigorating scalp oil, stretch mark preventer…the list goes on and on.  Really, you can use it on anything that ails you!  The scent of both products is pleasingly unisex and woodsy, so they’re great for the whole family (as long as you’re not against woodsy, spicy scents).  Both of these items are perfect for travel since they replace so many products.  They even sell a TSA-approved travel size of the moisturizer on their website.  For an extra skin-exfoliating boost, just grab a sugar packet from the hotel coffee nook and add it to a handful of the oil to create a perfect travel-friendly exfoliator.

Another product that I’m enjoying in my new-mom beauty routine is a quick 5 minute exfoliating facial mask from Naturopathica.  The Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel is a speedy way to brighten and smooth my sleep-deprived skin.  The cherry scent is just like fresh squeezed cherry juice, and nothing like the artificial cherry scent you know from your childhood “red flavored” popsicles.  Thanks to the lactic acid, wine extract, and salicylic acid, after just 5 minutes of having this mask on my skin (something even I can find time to do a couple of times  a week–I like to put it on in the evening while brushing my teeth), my face more resembles my baby’s super-soft skin, and less like my calloused heels.  Though it’s quick-working, it’s super gentle and doesn’t make my sensitive skin red at all.

Hope everyone has a happy new year.  Here’s to a naturally beautiful 2012!

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Another Winner of a Product: Marie Veronique Organics Everyday Sheer Coverage, Plus a Giveaway!

Posted by:  Jordan

We’ve got another product review from Marie Veronique Organics to rave about!  Plus, you can enter to win them; what could be a better way to start your Fall skincare regimen than by winning luxurious, natural products  from MVO?!

Over the summer I was in love with the Moisturizing Face Screen SPF 30, which you can read about here.  I’m still loving that tinted moisturizer, but now that the weather is getting cooler and I’m spending more time indoors (plus with my first baby due in just 3 weeks I’m trying to conserve my energy and rest up!), I’ve found myself gravitating towards the Everyday Sheer Coverage with an SPF of 20.  It’s slightly more lightweight than the Moisturizing Face Screen, but offers more anti-aging support, thanks to the powerful antioxidants like green tea and coffee berry extract.   While the Moisturizing Face Screen offers more sun protection with 20% zinc oxide, the Everyday Sheer Coverage still offers substantial protection with 16.6% non-nano zinc oxide.  I find the Moisturizing Face Screen to be a heavier application than the Everyday Sheer Coverage due to this increase in zinc oxide.  I love how this product evens out my skin tone, but still looks completely natural.  You will still need a good concealer for any dark circles, scars, or discolorations you’d want to cover up (and for that I recommend Vapour Organic Beauty’s Illusionist Concealer).   Everyday Sheer Coverage used to be known as Anti-Aging Day Serum, but after changing the name to more aptly describe it, plus changing the ingredients slightly in order to give it a little face-lift, it’s now known by its current name and retails for $50 for a 2 oz bottle.  You can choose between 4 shades (light works for me, but I received a sample of the medium tint as well and I find that right now, after having just a tad of summer color on my face, combining the light and medium tints works best.  But in a few weeks I’ll probably be using just the light tint.  But don’t worry too much about getting the exact matching shade for your skin–this product is so sheer and blendable that it’s almost idiot-proof!)

As the weather is changing I definitely need a little boost of moisture underneath my Everyday Sheer Coverage, so for that I really enjoy applying 3 drops of the Anti-Aging Oil Plus right after washing my face while it’s still slightly damp.  This stuff is so luxurious!  It contains a bounty of good-for-you fatty oils which are too numerous to even list.  By layering this underneath my Everyday Sheer Coverage, I’m all set for the day–not a trace of dryness or mid-day oiliness on my skin!   I’m not sure if I’m benefiting from some end of pregnancy good-skin-hormones, or if it’s just the glorious high-quality Marie Veronique products I’ve been using for the past few months, but my skin has honestly never looked better.  I’m sure it will go through yet another change in a few weeks once this baby arrives, but until then I’m just going to be thankful!

Now, on to the really fun stuff–the giveaway!  The extremely generous people at MVO have offered to ship our winner a full-size 2 oz bottle of Everyday Sheer Coverage,  and a 1 oz Anti-Aging Oil Plus (Total value $130!).  All you have to do is leave a comment below about why you’d love to win these products.  You have a week to enter; the contest will end on Wednesday, 10/12/11 at midnight EST.  The winner, chose by, will be announced on Thursday, 10/13 (pending I’m not in labor, in which case I apologize for the slight delay in announcing our winner!).  Sorry, but only residents of the US and Canada can enter this contest.  Are you really excited to win?  If so, for extra credit you can “like” Marie Veronique’s Facebook Page and/or Product Junkies Rehab’s Facebook page.  Just be sure to let us know in the comments what you’ve done so you can get the extra entries (if you’re already a FB fan, let us know that as well–it will still count for an extra entry as we love our old readers as well as the new ones!)  Good luck, and I can’t wait to announce the winner because I know you’re going to fall in love with these products, just like I have!  

UPDATE – Gift with Purchase: Not only can you enter to win these amazing products, but if you want to buy anything, you can use the special Gift with Purchase for trying Everyday Sheer Coverage: Receive a free 1/4 oz Anti-Aging Oil+ with purchase of Everyday Sheer Coverage (choice of 4 tints).  Use “Special Offer” code at checkout: ProductJunkiesRock.  Code will expire 10/15/2011







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