Never Say Never

Posted by: Emily

A while ago, I renounced lip gloss. I know. LIP GLOSS! Who could give it up?! I thought I could. And then Jordan and I were each gifted some new products from Jane Iredale’s fall line, City Nights, including PureGloss Lip Gloss in Kir Royale.

City Nights, “a sophisticated collection of rich autumn color”

Obviously, I had to at least try it. For you guys. It’s basically my job, right? Well, I’m not going to lie. I love it. Lip Gloss may still be impractical and ephemeral and gooey and messy. But man, for those moments when you put it on and go do something fun, it just feels fabulous. Plus, this one is just the right color– a nice plum that looks good on ALL skin tones– and has a nice dose of shimmer (my favorite thing)!


PureGloss Lip Gloss in Kir Royale

This got me thinking. What other things are out there in my “never” pile? What absolute pronouncements were keeping me from life’s small joys?

I started trying things I’d previously shunned.

  • Oil instead of moisturizer. I’m a fan of facial oils, but I’d only ever used them in addition to face creams. Then I read this: The Most Important Healthy Beauty Swap You Can Make, on It features advice from Spirit Demerson, of, one of my favorite websites. Read it and prepare to have your mind changed.
  • Filling in my brows. I used to think it just never looked natural or made sense. Then, while trying to grow my brows a little thicker, I used Vapour Organic Beauty’s Mesmerize Eyeliner in Truffle, a light-ish brown, as a brow pencil. Never say never, people. It’s good stuff.
  • Creme blush. I’ve tried many of them. My face eats cream blush for lunch. Seriously, I put it on and it’s gone two seconds later. But I have found an exception: In Touch Highlighter (also a Jane Iredale product). 13106Yes, it’s billed as a highlighter. But I’m the new me, who uses bronzer as lip stick, and eye shadow as blush. So I tried it as blush. Never say never, right? And this product is just a miracle. I like the shade “Comfort,” pictured above. It’s the perfect golden peachy-pink. And it stays on my face. Amazing.

Extra good news for YOU: This miracle deodorant cream IS ON SALE NOW! Today it’s 25% off, but the sale amount decreases every day, and stock is running low, so act fast! Jordan and I placed a huge joint order yesterday that we hope will keep us in deodorant for the next year. That’s how much we love it. I also ordered the Pit Primer, which I totally adore, FYI. It is great for between showers, a little extra support on important days, or just a little burst of freshness anytime. Kind of a miracle itself!


So, in the spirit of Never-Say-Never-ing, now I have to go examine my stance on all sorts of other things. Apparently, it’s time to rethink minivans, dill pickles, cruise vacations, reality TV, fish tacos, having a third child, beer, Instagram, cottage cheese… Who knows?!

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Awesomeness Roundup

Posted by: Emily

It’s a grey, rainy day here in New York, as we settle into the added darkness of the time change (to which I still have not adjusted– 9:00pm still feels like 10!) and the upcoming colder weather, I thought I’d share some great stuff going on in the natural beauty world!

1. The LUX Naturals SALE and site relaunch

Shea Butter Collection

Funny story. Okay, it’s a little embarrassing for me, because it shows me being totally spacey, but it has a happy ending.

The other day, Jordan and I were at Whole Foods and were delighted to see that our favorite LUX Naturals Whipped Shea Butter moisturizer is back in stock after a long, sad drought. (Read Jordan’s post on Lux, here). We each happily picked up a jar of Herbal Lavender and went on our way. Days later, I complained to Jordan that, while I loved the smell of the Herbal Lavender and the moisturizing of the cream, it just wasn’t exactly how I remembered it. Something had changed. I became convinced that the company had changed the scent. And I was sad because I couldn’t put my finger on what had changed.

Then Jordan kindly and gently asked if maybe I was confused because last time I had purchased (and LOVED) the Vanilla Peppermint scent… which might account for why I felt like the scent was great, but different. I was using a completely different scent! Ha! I was so relieved.

vanilla peppermint 3.5

use code launch15 for 15% off!

But my relief was short-lived when I went on the site and looked for Vanilla Peppermint, and couldn’t find it anywhere. A few days ago, I anxiously emailed LUX, saying, “please don’t tell me you discontinued Vanilla Peppermint!!!” Within hours they wrote back the nicest email, saying that the scent is back (it’s seasonal, apparently), and their new-and-improved website is relaunching as of TODAY! To celebrate, there’s a 15% off code, launch15, valid site-wide!

Vanilla Peppermint Lip Balm Side

Naturally, the first thing I did this morning was to order my beloved Vanilla Peppermint Shea Butter (I love the lavender, too– really– it’s just not how I remember it because it’s not the same scent!). They are also selling lip balms in that flavor, and others, which I think is new. It’s new to me, so I ordered one! Review to come soon!

2. Target gets cooler; S.W. Basics gets bigger but manages to stay perfectly small at the same time

One of THE most pure, indie, cool brands I know, S.W. Basics, is going big time… but they’re not letting fame and fortune change them AT ALL! (other than a few lowered prices!!!!!). Now you can support a Brooklyn-based, Woman-owned, independent brand at the biggest of big box stores! Win-win. Convenience! Go vote with your wallet, people! Show them this is a great move, and maybe Target will carry more natural brands! (They already have The Honest Company products!)


Here are the highlights from their announcement email:

Here are the deets on the partnership:

  • Three prices will be going down, Cleanser (now $22), Toner ($22), and Exfoliant ($24). 

  • NOTHING else is changing. Not the formulas, not the quality of the ingredients, not the branding, nothing. 

  • We have launched on (free shipping, subscription service, and lots more goodies oh my!) already.

  • We will be launching in select premium aisles in March, 2015. Look out for the map soon!

  • We will absolutely continue to work with and support our other retailers throughout the world. 

  • Because of the partnership, we can now afford some amazing improvements including USDA organic certification, coming soon! 

3. Friends and Family sales are happening! Start with Hip Apotheca– while you still have time!


Super brands like Alima Pure, Revolution Organics, John Masters, and the above-mentioned S.W. Basics are 25% off till tonight!

Since the holiday season apparently starts as soon as the trick-or-treaters go home now, we’ll start seeing more and more Friends and Family sales in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out, as this is the time to get some of the best discounts on indie brands and organic companies, plus a great time to do your holiday shopping before things get busy!

Post any good sales we should all know about in the comments section, please!


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Baby’s first facial

Posted by: Emily

Don’t worry, I didn’t take my kid for a facial! But I did just have MY very first facial! (I will take a moment here for you to be shocked, since I am a total product junkie and it’s actually kind of weird I made it 30-some years without ever having had a facial!)

It’s Spa Week here in NYC so I made an appointment for a Hungarian Organic Facial at Venelle Salon and Spa in Brooklyn, where they exclusively use Eminence Organics products. During Spa Week, it’s $50; normally, it would be $95. So, I figured, this was the time to try a facial!


The verdict? It was fine! I really like Eminence products. Each one the esthetician applied smelled better than the one before. (Read Jordan’s post about Eminence here). However, I’m not sure facials are my indulgence of choice. My favorite part was when the esthetician was briefly massaging my neck, shoulders, and arms, and it occurred to me that, for my money, perhaps I should have gone for a massage!

photo 1

The esthetician’s table, after the facial.

My skin feels good and it was certainly refreshing and relaxing, but not life-changing. Honestly, it kind of felt like this woman was just applying layer after layer of product to my face, massaging each one in, and then wiping it off. Of course it was more artful and glamorous than that, but simply put, it was kind of like an expensive “wipe-on-wipe-off” experience. And at times, it stung or burned a little. I know– pain for beauty, etc., but again, I think I might prefer a massage next time I’m lucky enough to go to a spa!!

photo 2

The spa room’s selection of Eminence Organic products. Pretty much everything they make! Wouldn’t mind having this cabinet at home to use!!!

And now, post-facial, there’s not enough time to go home and apply my usual makeup, so I’m forced to go pick my daughter up from school bare-faced (oh the horror!!). Don’t worry, I brought along my new favorite Jane Iredale bold PureMoist lipstick in the new autumnal shade, Katerina. So I won’t feel completely naked!!


Katerina– the perfect bold lip for Autumn!

In the comments, tell us about your experiences with Facials. Jordan is a big fan, so I might have to try one more before I decide once and for all that they’re not for me. Where do you go for Facials?

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The Seaweed Bath Company

Posted by:  Jordan

Fall is just around the corner and that means one thing for me: bath season is here (and pumpkin beer, but that’s for another blog)!  I don’t feel much like taking baths in the summer, but in the past week the weather has changed here in NY and it’s definitely feeling more like Fall.  So, as I was filling up the tub a couple days ago, I remembered the single-use bag of Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath I had bought back in June when I was on a girls’ trip in Chicago.  My friend, who lives in Austin, TX, and I were browsing the spa’s gift shop after our treatments and she saw products from The Seaweed Bath Co., a natural bath and body company based in Austin, and mentioned, “oh, my friends started this company after the husband suffered from severe psoriasis and nothing worked for him.” (Read Adam’s bio about how his chronic psoriasis led to him creating the company here). Of course, natural product junkie that I am, I had to pick up a bag.  I’m helping support a friend of a friend–and it was only a $3 little treat for myself!  I had put the bag away in my linen closet all summer, and just remembered about it this week.  So I poured the contents into my bath and watched the murky brownish-green water fill up the tub.  Y’all…I am such a huge fan of this product after just one bath that I had to let you guys know about it immediately!

Seaweed Bath Co Powder Bath

The bath itself wasn’t a transcendent experience.  The scent was a little, well, seaweedy, and like I mentioned, the color was little off-putting (don’t worry, it doesn’t leave a brown ring around your tub, which has happened to me before with some bath soaks).  But, as directed on the instructions, I let the oil soak into my skin after the bath and didn’t even apply additional moisturizer to my body afterwards (which is basically going against my religion).  The thing I immediately noticed after my 30 minute soak was that the massive, swollen mosquito bites I had gotten while playing outside with my daughter that evening were completely gone.  I mean, GONE.  I couldn’t find them at all!  The next day I noticed that my skin felt smoother than normal, wasn’t dry at all (even with skipping post-bath moisturizer), and my Keratosis Pilaris (those little bumpy “chicken skin” patches on the backs of my arms) was less pronounced.  My daughter inherited this charming skin ailment from me, so I am anxious to get more of the Powder Bath to see if it helps clear hers up too!

I’m an immediate convert and am ready to try all their products, now!  I especially want to try their shampoo and see if it helps my husband’s dry, flaky scalp, which I’m convinced isn’t dandruff but some form of psoriasis since nothing has worked for him except for a $50 bottle of prescription shampoo, which contains ingredients that probably altered his DNA.  Stay tuned for the results.

As the weather gets colder and it turns to Bath Season, I encourage you to stock up on some of this miracle bath soak and see if you experience such amazing results after just one use!


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I’m in love with RMS Beauty– and it’s on sale!

Posted by: Emily


This summer, I fell in love… with RMS Beauty. And I have a way for you to try it, at almost 50% off! (I was recently emailing Jordan about this huge sale and decided that I should just share it with all our PJR readers.)

The only catch is: you have until 11:59pm tonight (Eastern!) to shop this sale. **Sales of this magnitude for a prestige brand like RMS are VERY rare! If you’ve been wanting to try it, now is the time to buy it!**

J.Crew started carrying RMS a while ago, and I was impressed– it’s rare to find a huge, popular company like the ‘Crew endorsing a small, women-owned, all-natural, organic beauty company. And right now, J.Crew is having a sale that actually includes some of their RMS items!! They’re marked down already, plus, with code SHOPNOW, you get an additional 25% off, resulting in several products being almost half-off!

Here are some of my picks from the sale:

RMS Mascara

RMS Volumizing Mascara

Jordan already waxed (haha– mascara is made of wax) poetic about this earlier in the summer, and I am a complete convert. Until this particular mascara, I could not imagine giving up my conventional, waterproof Cover Girl. But now I feel so much better every morning, waking up without the residue of yesterday’s mascara still on my eyelashes, despite through cleansing. It’s revolutionary. Plus, I think it looks fantastic.


Living Luminizer


If you want to look like a J.Crew model, this is apparently the secret. Read more about how to apply it here. Usually $38, it’s now on sale for $21.37 with the SHOPNOW code!!


Buriti Bronzer


I like this as a lip color, cheek contour, and eye shadow. Basically, use it for anything! Down from $28 to $15.75 with code.


Raw Coconut Cream


I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on my wish list (and I am now wishing I’d put it in my shopping cart when I placed my own J.Crew order a while a go…) Only $12.10 now! Usually $18.


The Cream Eye Shadow, Lip2Cheek, and Lip Shine are all also on sale in selected colors. They’re all great, so if you’re in the market, take advantage of this special sale opportunity!



My very favorite product is not on sale, but if you’re placing the order and saving money, you might want to toss this in your shopping bag, too.

“Un” Cover Up


I had sampled this product in the past, and found that 22 is my perfect color match, but I just didn’t feel like investing in a concealer. Then, I read somewhere, early in the summer, that this could be used in place of foundation, and on a beach vacation, I dabbed it on over my sunscreen and found the answer to my prayers! I’ve been unsatisfied with tinted SPF products for a long time, and this makes my problem a thing of the past. A little bit goes a long way over sunscreen, moisturizer, or beauty oil, and leaves an incredibly natural wash of skin-evening color!

And, in case you missed it before, RMS “Un” Powder is my personal Game Changer …

Tell us in the comments if you love RMS, which products you can’t live without, and if you shop the J.Crew sale!!


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Summer Beauty Musings

Posted by:  Jordan


Summer is incredibly almost half over and we’ve been doing a lot of traveling to see grandparents, swimming, scooter-ing, and playground time.  Simple summer pleasures with a 2.5 year old.  Summer is also a time for a more relaxed beauty routine.  Here are a few things I’ve been loving this summer.

Beachy summer hair 

Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist I’ve been growing out my hair for the past year and this texturizing salt spray with argan oil from Josie Maran is, hands-down, my favorite.  (Honorable mention goes to John Masters’ Sea Mist with its lovely lavender scent and PreGame Texturizing Spray from A Beautiful Life.)  I just spray my hair with the salt spray of my choice.  As I mentioned, the Josie Maran one seems to work best for me, giving my hair a little extra volume and texture.  I then either let it air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser.  Once dry, I apply a little (and I mean a LITTLE amount…it’s heavy and can weigh hair down; especially fine hair like mine) Intelligent Nutrients Styling Pomade to the ends.  Finally, I spritz and scrunch the waves with Intelligent Nutrients Perfect Hold Hair Spray.  It’s the best natural hair spray I’ve found!  I’d love to try all of the styling products from Intelligent Nutrients, as I’m won over after trying those two.

Intelligent Nutrients perfect hold hairspray


Sunscreen, of course

My bag is packed with 3 different types of sunscreens for me and my daughter when we’re outside all day during the summer.  My favorite body sunscreen is still the traditional SPF 30 cream sunscreen from The Honest Company.  I was ridiculously excited to get my hands on the new spray sunscreen from Honest, but I’ve been a little underwhelmed.  It feels (and looks) like applying white spray paint to my daughter’s arms and legs.  There’s nothing terribly wrong with it, it’s just not as convenient as I was hoping.    My favorite must-have sunscreen for my bag is the new Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush which I like to fill with the Powder Me SPF Dry Sunscreen.  It’s the ultimate in convenience for a quick on-the-go sunscreen touch-up on our face, chest, shoulders, and my stroller-pushing hands (“Don’t forget to put sunscreen on the tops of your hands so they don’t get old-lady sun spots all over them, Jordan” my mom is constantly reminding me).

Jane Iredale Refill Me brush


Hope everyone is having a safe and beautiful summer!  Looking forward to getting a little more “done up” this Fall, but for now I’m definitely enjoying Summer’s easy beauty routine.  Please share what natural beauty products you’ve been loving this Summer!

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RMS Volumizing Mascara: In a Word, Perfection!

Posted by:  Jordan


“Stop whatcha doin’, cause I’m about to ruin

The image and the style that ya used to” -Digital Underground


RMS Volumizing Mascara  I’m pretty sure the Humpty Dance isn’t anywhere at all relevant to mascara, but for some reason every time I put on RMS Volumizing Mascara that phrase pops into my head.  Because THIS STUFF IS THE ULTIMATE NATURAL MASCARA!  So now that I’ve rapped and shouted at you, I’m pretty much done with my review.

Really, there’s not much to say other than buy it!  Try it immediately and I promise you’ll no longer be on the never-ending quest for the ultimate natural mascara.  It truly is perfection.  Smudging?  No (well, ok, maybe after a really sweaty workout, a little).  Flaking?  Nada.  Does it do the disappearing act like some other natural mascaras I’ve tried?  No, it really does last all day!  And it’s wonderfully dark and volumizing.  I really can’t say enough about this remarkable mascara.  Thank you, RMS, for answering all my natural beauty prayers!

The brush is soft and full, and applies the mascara evenly.  I still like to use my Jane Iredale mascara primer that I’m addicted to when I’m wanting an extra oomph of drama on my lashes, but it’s not necessary for staying power like it was with other natural mascaras that I was using.

Emily is in agreement with me on this perfect mascara, too.  She actually bought hers at J. Crew (who knew they started selling great beauty products?).  I have to share this hilarious text she sent me one evening:

“I’m loving this RMS mascara!  Like, it gets me out of bed every morning because I’m so excited to put it on!!  And then at night washing my face is so much easier!!!”

Take our word for it…it’s amazing.  See if it gets you out of bed every morning, too!

RMS Volumizing Mascara sells for $28 (and it’s available on Amazon Prime.  Order today and get it by the weekend!)



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